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I'm proud of, you and, you did something. That scared you when you came out the, other side I know it's like I have all these after school slash. Who are the, judges okay, great bias against you know actually the opposite, so they picked them randomly. From the audience but. G Scott are night's show host and he was waving his handwriting I was. Like please. Pick and they picked g so I was like I'm going to win this I still didn't win And at the beginning when we opened? The, baskets teary Rhodes, around who, is the coast. Of our weekends Seattle kitchen was like oh, you know what do you think about the ingredients I said oh I. Actually cooked hope, while the, time I buy this exact brand by opposition, set I've only cooked tofu. Twice in my life So again I'm like I got this Overconfident going in also the. Entire crowd was there. To see, him I, see Rachel bell O.'neil Okay job Cars what are we talking about here is next disciplined by sales. Morning news here's Tracy wreck in the, right lane, a self another valley freeway out near. For ten we've also got a wreck in the. Left lane eastbound eighteen warehouses are still takes up the right lane eastbound five to just after echo. Lake road you're still going to run into a lot of, heavy traffic especially on that northbound. Five commute not only is we get a little bit closer to the Boeing freeway into parts, of Marysville, but again between Lake City and crossing the county, line driver if you're headed southbound on the, valley freeway it's nothing but brake lights after valley, medical center working its way towards, emerald downs berry heavy out of Duwamish river curves into parts of. The seatac, once again it looks like we may have something going on out near to sixtieth or to. Seventy second nothing reported to be blocking by DOT, KIRO radio. Realtime traffic I'm. Tracy. Taylor.

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