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Sinking fastball that adrian hauser features hodie be ot at arvada great conversation with him before the game he was one for three last night you sitting to seventy eight for the cubs with seven home runs throw to first base back in his freeman the sky sox and their home whites tonight with a navy blue and red trim blue caps loose leaves for those that are wearing sleeves and sky sox block letters on the front the cubs again in there royal blue jerseys with gray pants the cubs logo on the left chest blue and red logo and the pitch hits bodey a check swing got him on the arm just clipped them and boy this one unfolding a lot like last night's first inning and what's the cup score twice off ready peralta but would only go on to score one more run the game and lost thirteen to three so two on nobody out for effort navarro sky sox have gabriel noriega at third nato or for short gillan moore's the second basement andres blanco playing i the outfield is bred philipson left he on braxton at center field tyrod taylor is that right krista beth quotas catching and adrian hauser number twelve prospect of the organization he's six four two hundred and thirty five pound runabout come set throws the first pitch is outside with a fastball one to the left handed batting effort navarro navarro who played all those years was sold lake now in the cubs organization two for five last night he was just recently deif aid by chicago played in four games for the cubs this year went one for six up there the pitch swing and miss at a fastball and it's one wanted one navarro with the cubs hitting three oh one with four homers twentyseven arvydas cubs our second to last in the league in hitting their last in the league and runs scored their next run will be there two hundred run of the year stretched by hauser here he comes and that's low ball to two and one always interesting to see how pitchers fair for the first time pitching in this environment here which is the case for adrian hauser but at least he's got a steady wind blowing straight in which makes us ballpark play a lot differently the two hundred livery is outside bowl three so a guy who.

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