Yuba City, Thirty Years, Million Years discussed on Assets and Aging w Bob Scrivano


Eight hundred nine nine nine eight zero zero seven I think I was living in Yuba city thirty years ago, when I got at number I know my business card with those of you have seen my business card was actually designed by a graphic artist city when I lived up there a million years ago thirty years ago, folks. So maisy thirty years ago. Golly. So anyhow or however long it's been it's been a long time. If nothing else I've been around for a long time. So what else? I think I've said all that. It's my opinion only. And let's talk about my upcoming. Oh, how do you get a hold of me eight hundred nine nine nine eight zero zero seven eight hundred nine nine nine eight zero zero seven you know, when I do this show. I don't do it with a script. I do it with what I want to talk about. I have stuff next to my my where I do this show is a printer a small printer and next to it as a stack of papers about two inches thick. And that's the stuff I gather over time that I wanna talk about that. I find interesting. And that's what I talk about. It's my it's my the stuff I'm interested in. And I always talk about the stuff I'm interested in because if I'm interested in it, and you're listening to me, and you've been listening to the show, you're probably interested in this stuff..

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