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How long have we known each other. For seven years seven years there you go and read. Breads been to one or two of our retreats i think and so we're good friends Know little bit about each other and what. I'd like bread to do because i asked him to. Come on is tell us his burnout story and where he started where he is today. What's happened in the meantime what he's doing with his learning experience along the way so brett wherever you want to start. Just tell us How we met where you were at the time. And we'll just walk people to the present day sure so I'm in my twentieth year. Here in physician owned practice in wisconsin. And i went through a challenging time in two thousand fourteen where a number of things or challenging me Both personally and professionally It was a mixture of one of my partners. Left leaving me with extra work. I didn't know how to communicate with the nurses that were working with me as effectively as i do now and we just started with epic by. Hang on a second triple whammy. Almost nobody could survive. Get somebody else's panel dumped on you Epic is installed. And you've got to ramp up that learning curve and you're having trouble communicating with the nurses to get your needs met. Yes yup that's gotta hurt. That'll leave a mark on the personal side We had three teenagers at home. And and we didn't have much family support. And then my my beautiful wife. Mary francis she was struggling with chronic migraines. That really affected her. Put her out of commission for days at a time. And so i was struggling trying to figure out how to balance all that and i tried some of the my usual techniques and what i learned from from you were actual survival techniques but I didn't really understand that. But i just tried to work harder. I tiptoeing my wife. Just hang in there. Things will get better. I just need to learn more or do more. And it wasn't working and after a while it got to be harder and it got to the point where things were kind of coming to ahead and my wife was losing patience. And i didn't have any other good ideas and so one day she eve me your card and said hey breath i think you you should get somehow. Here's a card with a burnout coach. And at the time. As i kind of reflected on it. I i didn't really trust anyone and i didn't. I didn't know where to turn. And i thought actually i thought well how is this guy died happy. Md how's he going to help me. I have my special problems and nobody can really help me..

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