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I am telling us pray lewis what do you see yourself dealing five years from now uh i see myself having the biggest uh interview style show or i get to connect with the most inspiring people in the world and share their wisdom to help people little better life an issue their trainers i see myself producing a lot more a meaningful content whether it be documentaries movies books um tv shows to again shift people's consciousness and support them in their growth their daily life to to move them towards their dreams to help them live a happier more felling richer life and i just see whatever i'm doing on a bigger scale in the next five years randy johnson higher faith played in your success slid ever that means near perspective he he has interesting because i really talk about my my face that much and it's this is a challenging answer for man actually kinda clouds masses because growing up i was i went to church every week that group nerve agent clint christian science was christopher letsion but a lot of it was radical thinking in terms that my father was a pretty extreme esten the religion and he never wanted us to take any medicines and are built a doctor or um use any physical substances to help us he'll and it was always confusing for me because everyone else was taking medicine but my dad animal me to even when i had a a coffers sicker of flu whatever was he wanted us to learn how to heal ourselves through prayer and through the mind and i was just always very confused because i was like well i feel physically look and feel this lexus body in this matter and i can see the you know and i feel crummy in this moment if i had like a flu or something so he condition me to to think above pain into think above.

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