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Got it right and once you take the red pill you are going to see things you'd never even it's going to blow your mind it's going to blow your mind you're gonna find out so much that has been hidden from you so much about your family while your parents acted the way they did why they said that things that they did you're going to learn so much about your own body and your powers and nature and the spirited nature and the different energy planes that you can access and all my goodness the things that you see people doing you're going to be able to do things that will take people's mind and people say what how's that even possible like right now an example raquel put your hand in front of you it's okay now i want you to say these words okay i want you to say e good now i want you to visualize the number eight which is known as the chaumont key known as the been any symbol visualize it bright blue okay now say ignite literacy in my hand now ignite electric city in my hand now what just happened well i feel a buzz in my hand but even my wrist that's right now and it's getting lightly warm now say expand it and travel it through my body and awakened dates that have been locked down expand it and allow it to travel through my body a waking gates that have been let down locked out not let down locked down.

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