Pedro, Wallace, Joe Rodman discussed on MRN Classic Races - 1986 First Union 400


With the with your win it cardinals turned for it was but it was down to the average the pedro as a ways back to the start that is liven really won't be to battle for the mark topkin sleep at the wide to take it back to the turnover one trevor morris how does awful wallace now down eichel again nothing between that was already you know here we know which normally indicates the time when right exploded is he went to the wall and as you say stewart stop it's kind of the road there will be no costa nascar officials will record of it hadn't a bit we got that right removing there is a lot of room to get around trevor boys current somewhat have been the conversation on the nascar officials radio is such that if they dropped the caution everybody would roster that that likely have a bigger mess that may have right now it's trevor boys car is the race track why decision leave the field on your green and we'll stay racing here it looks world marte as a leader you have two point six seconds over joe rodman right now is he worked out of a little better them straight away back to the third spot while the al's will ride ricky run was on the fourth out of owners at the heart of really getting it done has that with a special every year running well the other day not only did you feel like you have to be both of atlanta are just about seven or eight other carson of suddenly got together on short right yesterday cb running the best on the field lasted about that around layout running good you know i'm not they need me you know they big gap you know anything different it means one atlanta at their wow again right and indycar we have a good day you know with a right now that he goes of the he over the week coming up on back they already have we don't have one hundred last march the battle provide spot just decided in favor of billing elliott has worked underneath the people on ultimately all terry labonte there are twelve cars on the leave lap at one hundred lapse is the race leader watch of his second body allison right check that joe rapid is now the second place car walter is third body hours of is a fourth place machine ricky right at first for the field.

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