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Six million dollars for three months the work. I know I'm offended by that. Tony Bender my producers offended by the idea that somebody have to work for such paltry wages. We'll see what happens later this week at the first next week had Murni on talking about it yesterday but About a week ago or so Senator Steven Huffman of the fifth state Senatorial district sent a missive a letter. An email governor Mike Dewine in which he took him to task a little bit for being somewhat inconsistent when it comes to high school graduations. I tweeted about this last night at at Willie. Seven hundred wwl. Wliw joining us. Now is that same senator. Stephen Huffman and Senator Huffman again to the Bill Cunningham. Show and Senator. How are you? I'm doing well. I'm doing well when I had the governor on about three weeks ago. He said to me similar things that you relate in your letter about well if schools can do these things in a certain way. I got no problem with it. I related to him the Great High School of Deer Park and which they had eighty one eighty one or eighty two graduates. I said I talked to the superintendent. Jay Phillips is we'll do it on the ASTROTURF football field and Samsonite to folding chairs. Put the graduates in their cap and gown like six feet apart only occupy about twenty yard lines of the field if the parents sitting in the Stadium Football Stadium Harry aggie football field kind of in pod six feet apart. You walk up hit elbows walk. Pick up your diploma and away. You go a couple of speechifying. He said no problem with that then the next day he said something different explained why you sent this letter. Dr Good Governor. Mike DeWine I before that before he was on your show a few weeks ago. I sent him a similar letter saying. Hey you really gotta look at this You know. Some time has passed You know things are being relaxed. I mean my point was was re. Look at this again. You know. It's it's passed some sometimes time for some people but a lot of other people can still do this. And with all the changes you made me seriously needs to look at and so have you gotten a response. Your letter is dated. I don't know if his email or letter is dated may may may fifth. I'm sorry April twenty eighth you sent. This is about a week ago and so have you gotten any response in the last several days. I spoke to a governor's office not to him. But his chief liaison to the General Assembly and That they're working on this and I spoke to him today and You know the stay at home order is supposed to end on Friday and so You know maybe that is the avenue to let that pass and But they're looking at a lot of things is my understanding when I speak to those in Columbus yourself representative bill sites. Who's been in the Senate for many years? And Larry Householder the speaker of the House leadership here and there appears to be a little bit of a rub between the Republicans in the House and the Senate and the and the Republican and the governor's office that no one anticipated would transpire. Now we're about about thirty five days away from the budget that's got to come in. And the governor's actions have created a whole of about four hundred million dollars a month and I know you're a conservative Republican. Did you anticipate about a year? And a half ago that when Mike. Dewine was elected that suddenly the governor would be in one camp and the Republicans and the in December it would be. Another camp was added dissipated. None of this has gone on for last three months. Have been anticipating so no. That wasn't in an anticipated and I'll say I'll repeat something that you said yesterday really Mike Dewine and Fran or very very very loyal to the state of Ohio But sometimes in politics we have a difference of opinion and right. Now there's a difference of opinion Some of the things that he does. I sent a message to the governor's office from someone who had sent me a note saying that. How's it possible that he can approve up to three hundred guests at weddings and other religious celebrations of unions between a man and a woman? Or I guess between a man and a man and a woman and a woman whatever it might be that three hundred dollars okay at the Kenwood Country Club. But we can't have a high school graduation involving eighty kids and your letter indicates that there are some high in the tri-state. I'm sorry. State of Ohio have twenty graduates and the whole class so isn't an inconsistent to say you're going to have up to three hundred or wedding but you have twenty graduates. High School. I agree that. That's a big inconsistency in the other thing. Is it a graduation with teachers? Principals superintendents school board members. You have a much more of a controlled environment Then you do it a wedding. I look know I got. I have two daughters. You'RE GONNA get married next year And there's GonNa be a lot of people and a lot of drinking and social distancing becomes closer when you're drinking alcohol or the wedding so there has been a lot of inconsistencies. Yes as far as other inconsistencies out. These weddings allegedly. There can't be live music. I don't know what the hell that means. Maybe the Tuba player will be too close to the drummer. You can't have live music and you can't have dancing. You can't have the father dance with his daughter bride. Does that make any sense? No I mean I you know I think all these things you gotta use a little logic and and you know close family members you know you know stayed in the same house as for my kids. My wife and my mother-in-law one's got it. Everybody's got it there and the same go for a father and a father daughter dance. Senator Hoffman one other thoughts. Come to my mind when I tried. Many jury cases one of the charges from the judge was when you go into the jury room. I would advise you not too quickly. Express your opinion about guilt or innocence because later during the deliberations there may be occasions when new evidence is presented by other jury members as being important or an argument is made. You do not anticipate and because you've already expressed your opinion about guilt or innocence..

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