John, Iraq, Northern Rock discussed on Worldly - What the fight over Kirkuk means for Iraq's future


Welcome to worldly boxes weekly guide must appoint stores in the world part of the vox media podcast network it's the only here with john and zack and worst start this week in northern iraq or where the people who are fighting in northern rock might think of it as south kurdistan and that's because there are two us allies who are almost literally go to war against each other the iraqi army that the us has helped rebuild after its fight against isis and the kurdish peshmerga who have been us allies going back way over a decade and they're fighting on the streets of the city called kirkouk is one of the wealthiest cities in iraq in theory because it's it's a lot of oil in the city that the courage refer to as their jerusalem the city that the iraqi government does not want to give up worst start with how soldiers who fought in kirkouk have reacted to the fact that the iraqi army has just reconquered kirkuk yesterday i i club 'cause they sell low my city to the iraqi i'm not iraq could dish and i feel like that's kind of the court of it is that somebody fighting who in a technical sense is rocky in no way sees himself as a rocky and maybe let's start there like why would kirkuk the the flashpoint and also why would two parts of the same country seach other so differently and we went to go to war because of it yeah it's worth taking a step back here to understand the role of the kurds in iraq so kurds are an ethnic minority we typically talk about iraq in terms of divisions between sunni arabs and shia arabs but.

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