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Match in six minutes and forty one seconds with the f. Five this is their first match together. Nobody could have probably predicted what this is going to look like a couple years later Yeah actually. I think they could have. Because i think it was the way that any worked with brock and the way that brock work with any they they knew how to work with and for each other so it was essentially the first time in looking at going. You know what this could work. Because brock was able to accentuate eddie's positives and vice versa survivor series. Los guerreros win the tag titles Guerrero makes mysterious submit to the lasso from el paso to win their first tag team championship. Or your lasso. Come from and they turn due to their popularity so they're big baby faces now they're ultimately going to drop the belts to t- bangle. Which is charlie haas. Shelton benjamin In early february on smackdown and they started feud together and both teams find themselves in a match at wrestlemania. Nineteen along with been one rhino. They're all vying to be number one contenders for that. Tag title ultimately They do not wind up victorious. A haas and benjamin wynn that triple threat they get a rematch. Backlash and los guerreros lose their again but along the way chabot tears his biceps and that forces guerrero to look for another partner he chooses to jiri and believe it or not they win the tag titles so this is guerrero. Second title win They went into judgment day team angle in a ladder match while the jiri. The right substitute for chabot. I think that he has entertainment value in that to jerry was able to express his emotion. Sue his facials in through his physical How he reacted to jerry man. Come on e. He was absolutely one of the best and they fit. It was like peas and carrots but during during this time there was a incident in san diego with the guerreros and haas. And benjamin good lord man. I went back in I'm sitting there thinking Shit they're all pissed off and i think that Charlie and ten were in the locker room and chabot and he went in. And i don't remember. I think it was tshuva. Going in and eddie in his back and but long and short of it i was that they came in to fight and everybody knew it in someone had told me and i headed off chavalit eddie at the past and there was a glass door into the locker. Room there And they just kinda into rounded me and got in and it wasn't wasn't wasn't really fide it was. I think everybody got in between them. In cooler. heads prevailed. But you talk about a scary fight for tough guys legit for shooters and For guys are definitely go. So i'm a extremely grateful. That cooler heads prevailed. I didn't get my ass. Kicked in the middle of them kicking each other's ass. Let's talk about jerry. And eddie they even work a tag match at madison square garden against roddy piper and his protege. At the time. Sean o'hare man if you're an old school wrestling fan. Which obviously eddie was. He had to be tickled to be working. Roddy piper madison square garden. Are you kidding me. Roddy and chabot whole ship Had a tremendous rivalry in los angeles. When eddie's dad gory was promoting los angeles so the guerreros and piper go way. Way back you know. I think viper very much like me was honorary grill and vice versa so a thrill and they knew each other well. There's lots of respect. Although sides that fence initially guerrero into jerry would lose the The titles to team angle. Who are now calling themselves. The world's greatest tag team that happens in early july on smackdown and then guerrero would turn onto jiri. Slamming him through the windshield of his low rider truck turning heel again and the following week a grill tries to explain his actions to the audience. Into everyone's surprise the audience doesn't care they're still with eighty zero. It's it's pretty remarkable. I don't think eddie could have been a. He'll here if he tried. The audience had fallen in love with him. Yeah eddie going to the to the audience and asking the audience for affirmation the chances like no. It's okay man. we love you. Whatever he did. They loved tournament. July vo three for the united states championship. He's gonna advanced the final round feeding ultimate dragon and billy gone along the way but in the finals it's down to him and bin wa and at vengeance he turns the cheating. Hits been wild with the belt. At one point in the match guerrero tries to get it wa in trouble by placing the title belt on top of the unconscious wa. Of course it doesn't work since knocked out the referee earlier with championship belt. So the bell shot to the kidneys and the match ends with interference gore from rhino benoit's partner who was furious at the team's failure and guerrero pins been wa in wins the us championship. He retains by bit defeating rhino at summer slam. Been wa is also in there along with the jiri. It's a fatal four way which seems kind of common in this era. We got a lot of talented performers. Not sure what to do with them. House just throw in a four-way turns face again at least officially and he starts a feud against john cena. So the united states champion anti guerrero defeats johnson on smackdown that week by the q. After the challenger hit a low blow all guerrero was attempting a series of rolling snap. Suplexes out cena bloodied the champion. It's him and chokes him with a steel chain before dropping guerrero with the f. You onto a steel wheel in the ring. It's pretty remarkable. When you think about this. John cena as a heel beating up an anti guerrero that the fans absolutely adore a few years later would say almost impossible but it happened here we are. Yeah exactly and. I think that i think it could have happened. Years later with roles reversed in the audience still would have been behind. Eddie it's it really is just such an interesting dynamic that you know saying is going to get over and become the face of the place literally But it's like the fans. Your point still would have cheered. Eddie and they had a pretty memorable latino heat. Parking lot brawl on smackdown that airs on september eleventh. When andy penn cena with the frogsplash off of a minivan onto cena he's on the hood of an adjacent car and in that match chabot makes his return and attack. Cena any memories of that production. you know whenever you're working with cars it feels like the.

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