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The giants might and this is still very much a, Mike. There's not a lot of info out on this. Hey, showman tweeted it out earlier, but the naming rights for the Giants Stadium. AT and T expires after twenty one thousand nine so after the upcoming season. And so you're looking around the sports landscape at how much it costs for a naming rights deal, especially for a plus stadium. Like the giants have an A-plus franchise. Like the giants. You're talking about some very very big deals. You know, Jerry Jones deal. I think the Cowboys are getting what like seventeen nineteen million a year something like that. So what are the giants? Get a get a and I think from the fan perspective. The question is is it sort of tiresome for a stadium. That's to me still feels somewhat knew to be undergoing its fourth name if there's a name change because that's what it'll be from Pac bell SBC to AT and T to whatever's going to happen next. If I were the giants, I wonder if they could do this. Maybe it's too late because the stadiums been around for so long. Is there a way where you could you could still have the corporate sponsor? But then just thread something else in there, the corporation probably not gonna want it. But you know, what if it was? You know, like AT and T giant stadium or I know that the fallback is China basin. What if something like that could actually just become part of part of the name? So that even over the years if naming rights continues to change there's some sort of common thread in terms of what it's called because it is a little bit. It's a little bit unnerving to. To change the name CASA for something that is so. I mean, it's there it's a staple. It's a landmark it's near and dear it's a place you go, and it's a place you refer to right when I first came out. Yeah, we're gonna packbell like that took a while. When when when packbell went under or got absorbed that took a while because it was brand new. It was a crown jewel. And then all of a sudden, you're like, yeah. Packbell packbell. Boy, have you been to packbell park gossips beautiful packbell park. And then all of a sudden it's like now, that's that's not what it's called anymore negative go with SBC. All right. And then that develops this becomes AT and T could you do some? I'm trying to think if there's some other stadiums. Like that around sports that sort of find unique ways to incorporate the the corporate sponsor, I wonder what's going to happen with that charge your soccer field. I know they only have one more year. But did you know a New Year's day this this is actually gonna change in season being that the chargers are going to go to the playoffs? Now, it's not for certain that they're gonna host playoff games because of the chiefs if the chiefs win the division the chargers are going to go on the road, and they won't have to worry about it. But they call it stubhub center right now. And it's going to change it changes on January first to I kind of look it up. Something very awkward digital ventures or something p maybe could look that up for me. It is changing on January. First is no longer stub center is gonna change right in the middle of their games. So that's kind of an odd scenario, but that doesn't matter as much that whole thing is a complete embarrassment. And obviously it's only for for one more year. The name is dignity health dignity health's park. Off the tongue. Well, how ironic I mean, if there's one word that does not describe the chargers over the last two years, it's dignity. I mean nothing against rivers or any of the players, but there's no more disgraced owner in sports right now, then dean Spanos. So for them to be housed in a place that starts with the word dignity. I don't find that that works. Very well. It's funny. It's funny, but they're gonna open themselves up to a whole new round of criticism again because of that or not criticism, but just jokes the butt of jokes. Okay. Mark Miller with you can't be our tonight. Awesome stuff. Eight. Oh, eight candy are keep on hanging. We got the news of the day coming up next. These sports later with.

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