President Trump, El Paso, Walmart discussed on Red Eye Radio


With you where ever you go. your profile el Paso story opens a million Francis who's will blower who claims the nature of president trump's phone call with the president of Ukraine was of urgent concern is according to The New York Times a CI a officer who was assigned to work at the White House when the canyon tells more whistle blower filed an official complaint saying the presidents on foreign help for his reelection by pressuring the president of Ukraine to investigate political rival Joe Biden lawyers for the whistle blower refused to confirm me work for the CIA they also is a revealing information about him is deeply concerning and reckless and can place the individual in harm's way three people familiar with the whistle blowers identity say he has since returned to the CIA president trump is denigrated him as politically motivated and in step with the Democrats leading the official impeachment inquiry against it Linda can you on the White House meanwhile The New York Times is defending that decision to publish limited information about the identity of the whistle blower after many readers criticize the paper saying the profile could put the individual's life at risk executive editor dean Baquet writes the paper published quote because we wanted to provide information to readers allows them to make their own judgments about whether or not he's credible. Walmart has said November sixth for the re opening of a store in el Paso were twenty two people were killed from bill Mike in a statement released Thursday Walmart said the date for the story opening cannot be guaranteed because there's still much work to be done store workers temporarily reassigned to other locations will be returning to the el Paso area store in early October to prepare for the re opening company officials say Walmart is finalizing design plans for a permanent memorial at the store to honor those killed in the attack but better straighten says it plans to allow only eighteen thousand refugees to resettle in the US and twenty twenty that is the lowest number in the history of the modern refugee program.

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