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But it it it you get increase nitric oxide nitric oxide can be good because it opens up your blood vessels but if you have too much of it that's what it becomes a problem excessive nitric oxide re acts with something called superoxide now this would chemistry comesa superoxide level raise array also raised in response to enter cellular calcium so if you have just nitric oxide not that big deal but when you have this superoxide with the nitric oxide that way and you start getting the problems and together they forbes something per call peroxy nitrite and peroxy nitrite is where you get the iit causes the oxidative stress it sought to break down the cells so nitric oxide by itself good nitric oxide when it's a rout super oxide not good and that's what it creates the peroxy nitrites which then caused the the reactions at caused the damage and this dr paul goods research is brilliant i think this guy should get a nobel prize after reading it over i said wow this guy just pouf blew me away most of the damage is done by excessive free radicals but some damage is done directly from the peroxy nitrite so you getting a double whammy on the cells causing a lotta serious damage so nitric nitric oxide good so we can do things like beat speech are high nitrites and nitrates i'm sorry and when they get into your body they produce nitric oxide which opens up your blood vessels are ruberwa about 10 times more nitrates then beats great for producing nitric oxide opening up your blood vessels increases circulation to.

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