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Yes, we love joined by the danettes. The different is if you shop us my dad is not going to go on TV and complain about you like Anthony Davis dead exact early shot about my dad's dead humor early. We're we're four minutes into the show and we're doing dead dead humor average. Broadcasting from the Mercedes studios. It's Dan Patrick. It's our two on this Monday. Dan in the Dench, Dan Patrick show. We'll find out if Bryce Harper is going to sign later today in a couple of minutes. Tom producciones from Sports Illustrated will join us he's a dodgers camp today. So we'll talk to Tom about that. And the Padres me the front runners for Manny Machado. So a couple of questions for Tom to answer. Also, we'll check in with the Steelers. Ed bouchette covers the Steelers Pittsburgh post gazette all the drama within Tonio Brown. Is there any chance any way that he could come back to the Steelers? And what does he worth on the open market? If you're going to trade him turning thirty one later on this summer. I was looking at the numbers in Tonio Brown has more receptions and receiving yards over the last six years than any player in any six year period in NFL history. So he's averaged one hundred and fourteen catches and over fifteen hundred yards over that time. Name. Stat of the day best out of the day stat of the day. Here comes that what stat of? Yes, Paul is a bit of an issue a stat of the day, Dan, if you remember mcloughlin's mantra from two thousand fourteen wide receiver receptions, don't matter not an important stat. Okay. What about yards? Do. They matter. Mclovin. What may he said it? I didn't even say I mean, well, he happens to be right? But yeah, yards are big deal. But we'll see when someone else thrown Antonio Brown. He's gonna he doesn't like Ben now. But I'll bet you by week nine when he catches a few ducks from other quarterbacks kind. I mean, it depends on what team it by way. You said a fourth round pick earlier in the show. Well, that's what I was able scout that too I said what is he worth? And he said well talent was a first round pick. But you're not going to give up a first round pick for Antonio Brown. And the scout said, and I don't believe that Antonio Brown is going to go to another team and stay with that current contract. Can I say if I'm rooting for any team? I want him for fourth round picks that when you said that I'm like, well, you know, fit the ego. Give up a fourth round pick for him. But you're right. I've been reading widespread mid around mid round pick up if you'd like get in touch with the program best and worst of the weekend. We'll take your phone calls. Eight seven seven three DP show Email addresses DP,.

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