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It was the idea in my head but now that mentioning it sounds kind of fucked up. We got to figure out where we're going with it. I mean we de our states are definitely different. Because you guys you want to be your own god damn country china to like attach from everybody and smarter we out might. Yes you got the florida man syndrome. Bro we'll also too. We agree spy status Has led you run recorded. When i took my pants off. That's not going to mean to podcasts. At eight i mean you know when i took my shirt off you know what i mean monkeys. Aww the guy. I don't know what you're talking about my pants off. You're looking at it. This bob pants every podcast pants off the fuck. Do i like to feel comfortable environment. No road now. I never knew. I keep i gave my underwear on but re blue moon. You know that little front pocket whole thing. You know some pops out i gotta targeted him doing pocket heo no man. You fucking crazy washy. Little knobby their young man. That's fucked up. I.

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