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On display in an art gallery in the South. Georgia City. Jim Chris Sula, CBS News Tiger King has reignited interest in the cold case of Don Luis, husband of Carol Bask in one of the stars of the Netflix Syriza Memorial was just held for Louis who disappeared almost 23 years ago. His family is offering $100,000. Wendy Gillette, CBS. 605 at the Bay Area's new station, KCBS. We have thunder lightning just about everything for you this morning. Good morning on Jennifer Hodges. Here's what's happening. Now I just said lightning and thunder ripping through the Bay Area right now, The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning. It's in place for most of the Bay Area until 6 45 this morning for about 45 more minutes. Weather Service meteorologist Ryan Walburn says they're very worried about the lightning, starting more fires windows in excess of 50 miles an hour in the city. Over 60 miles an hour up in Santa Cruz mountains. And of course, anybody who's up right now is noticing lots of lightning out there. That's one of our biggest threats. Uh, a lot of cloud to ground strikes. We've had over 1000 strikes over the last couple hours. On. We're very concerned about new wildfire starts this morning. Walburn says The storms are expected to calm down later this morning, but then pick up once again with the chance for more lightning. Later today, firefighters in the South Bei er, very busy battling a vegetation fire on brush road in the Redwood Estates area of low scatters that one is currently threatening structures. Caliph IRS reporting the blazes 25% contained. It's already burned three acres so far being driven by high winds, too. But the flames were slowed by some unexpected rainfall in the area caliphate or reports. They've started to evacuate the area around brush road where the fire is burning. Meanwhile, they're also reporting crews responding to seven other vegetation. Fires in Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties will bring you more information on those as we get them. But meanwhile, it is the same story as you had inland, a little bit brushfire burning at this hour in South Livermore. This one's in the area of 5200 of Royal Road. Cal fire in Alameda County. Firefighters are on the scene. Approximately 10 acres air involved there with one structure threatened no word yet as Faras how the fire may have started, But more than likely, we're told it was sparked by lightning, with hundreds of lightening strikes being reported in the past few hours alone..

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