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Brady Brady, Saratoga, New York discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network


Saratoga has been a bellwether for success <hes> down the road. It has yeah. I'll take the horse the here i i think that's letcher founded on horse in that race for chose <hes> watched him finish up the rail gallup out past the field. That looks like he wants. He wants the mile maiden race. If they write one <hes> we'll see the weird thing. Where do you go from here. You're you know because you're gonna there. Are there isn't going to be another mile and eighth race. <hes> for the this type of the winners anyway until the ranson <hes> <hes> by the cutback demonic look like british unsurety or something like that but we'll see how it plays out i think experience and he admits pedigree probably have a key uncouth success. There must be enforceable going forward. I actually thought the other half of the entry was gonna be the preferred one lucky kirwin enforceable got the job done well and and it was running late at the end and <hes> kind of kind of chugged along as you know as as sources will do two year olds at this time of year making that attempt and i'm just pulling up just reaching for into the formulator system into the machine and i will momentarily tell everybody they're hanging with baited breath as to up no figure yet the andy andy is not put the virus yet you know what though i will mention this the race that enforceable comes out of which which was the early season july thirteenth sixth race the mile and a sixteenth turf maiden special. He's the third winter enter to come out of that race. Dave decorated invader and our country both came back to win. Already civil suit some of those horses in the winter station this week coming. We go exactly. I'll draw today right or no double draw cernan sunday for thursday and friday going among the taking off drivers. They exactly all right well. We'll keep an eye on that that gets us <hes> to today and tomorrow any thoughts on the new york bred showcase car today. <hes> you know typical deep card usually the good betting opportunities <hes>. It's been so long since i've read about those raisins pretty much forgot about him. I guess the the daubney has a new york derby onto finishers and bank it not that brady brady who knew that the weather's would be key rates for the year so togo big weekend with not that brady running in the it was second to tax running in the urban tax being the players in the travers <hes> but <hes> just pretty much comes down to those two <hes>..

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Brady Brady, Saratoga, New York discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network 10 months ago

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