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Doyle, I part of me. Can't quite believe. What I'm hearing. Jeff Delman ski planning to making in making a shopping foray on black Friday. Right. But not the door BUSTER kind of thing not looking for the crazy deals not looking at trample. Somebody not not that just my daughter was talking about getting some clothes wanting to go to the mall, and I thought. Yeah. I haven't done it in many, many many many years. But again, I think it's probably not as nuts as it used to be because of internet sales. And so I wanna know I could use some advice who still does this who goes out either on Thanksgiving Day when the stores open or on black Friday, and what is it really like one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five Veronica from analysis in your on New Jersey one point five. Hello. Happy holidays. Same to you. Thanks giving. Thank you. I was just like you last year. And my teenager told me the same thing that he wanted to go to the mall on thanksgiving. So after thanksgiving, I said, oh, yeah. I haven't done this in years. So I'm gonna do it. How was it? Teenagers teenagers like ten thousand teenagers from every school from everywhere loaded in the mall were they buying or not buying just hanging up. Nope. Just hanging out. I mean. Literally elbow to elbow teenagers. Oh, like hard to move. Yeah. Exactly. Because I went to go shopping now, this is great. My son wants to go. I have nothing to do. I'm gonna go. And when I got there, I go. Yeah. I'm not doing this next year. And this was on thanksgiving itself. It was not black Friday was thanksgiving night. Right because they were all done all clear. To do and the kids were begging. They're going. We wanna go to the mall and point. I'm like, oh, you know, why? And it's a major teenage event. So you suggest I don't do this. Give it a try. It's very entertaining. If you're going to go on black Friday. It wouldn't be as teenager. If you're going early in the day. Why would it c-? Why would it be? And why would it not be like, I'm trying to think why was it? The teenagers were drawn to the Thursday opening because they don't want to hang out with your family. They want to get the hell out of there hanging at the mall. You might be right in the malls open. Now, you might be right Friday morning. They're teenagers. They they sleep in. So if you go at nine o'clock with your daughter, you're not gonna have that that same crowd there. Right. Okay. I like I like the way you're thinking this through chase from Pennsylvania. You're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hey, how's it going? Hey there. So yeah, I've been actually going black Friday shopping since I was little. So I had much experience with those crazy as crowds. Pardon me. Zucca? And yeah, I'd say especially with them opening on thanksgiving. Now. It's definitely died down on Friday. Oh, good. Okay. Is nothing easy. Peasy nothing. Light you have people coming in there. But so many people went in the night before that it it's like walking walking through nothing. So what used to be on Friday morning is now on Thursday night. Is that what you're saying? But it isn't. I mean, I'm more of a WalMart kind of person rather than the mall, but I've been to the mall as well. And. It's nothing like say it first. They definitely isn't. Why Friday used to be like with people Boston down doors and everything right? It's definitely not that anymore. It's no you said since you were a little kid your family dragged you to these doorbuster dangerous, trampolines flee. I actually used to go with my best friend's parents hit him, and I would go with his parents early in the morning to the mall and standing KB toy line. That was the mall tours door. Yeah. That was that's right. You're right. Was free standing, but if you're at the mall, you went to KB toys. Aby toys. It was crazy back then. But now, it's it's nothing compared to that. Definitely not. All right. So there's one vote don't do it in one vote. Go ahead chase. Thanks for your info. Who to listen to Eric in Florence? You're on New Jersey one on one point five. How are you guys doing? Okay. Well, I got a few things I've been doing this for the past few years if you try to go right after dinner. That's one of the doorbuster deals open up on. Oh thanksgiving. I'm not doing that. No way. Yeah. Yeah. No. It's it's crazy. There's a lot of people. I tend to go around two o'clock in the morning like you said and easy to walk in. The only problem is that if you're looking for something specific, you're probably not gonna find it. Why not? More of the people. They they go in. They want their TV's box to Matt Roush. Yeah. They stay line for probably four o'clock in the afternoon. Thanksgiving Day in on base camp out there. See that's crazy now. Yeah. I want to do this at two o'clock in the morning. If you're not looking for one of those doorbuster deals per se, why do you like going when they first opened? Well, I mean, I have four kids. So I usually go and get like pajamas and stuff like that. Okay. He always bear. But I'm I'm gonna let you know one thing I made a mistake going to WalMart one day. My wife picked our outfit khaki pants blue shirt..

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