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This shows. Is that getting ready? He's right let me tell you something at somebody in his forties that nobody else is going to take away from that video. Please play that video game. The most important thing. I know what it is. The most important thing in his video is the glasses. The ASA now contacted gone. Where am I going to think about this? You show your phone David. Jacoby shaddix question. How are you so cold to put your hood on but so hot? You have sleeves on. Maybe working I'll care everything. Adrian Peterson coming back for nate legend. Keeping moving he deserves moving on Adrian. Peterson he's he's a special athlete but keep him over man move. We keep getting them checks. Kevin Durant as the break. Oh I like this lol Susan Kevin Durant Kevin. Durant remember remember when they came out with the Kevin Durant. Lebron James Track said he's got more music with other NBA players. He wants to be called. Easy money or slim reaper. Jalen rose you want to hear more Kevin Durant bar I do and Katie. Here's how nicknames work when you an M. C. You adopt all of those names okay. It ain't or you're answering your all of those things when you're spinning bars on a trip but here's what you're going to have to do. K. Deed is GonNa make you an important productive. Mc was yes w ad-lib game okay. That's w live game chilling a classic television show that we reference on this television show from time to time. Hit the turn you say. Classic so hit the brakes. Making the band is coming back after an eleven year absence. Jalen there's one thing one phrase that making the band gave us that will never ever ever be top dialer. Di Di La di La technically is from Chapelle show. Chapelle is on swollen.

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