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I don't want any part of this absolutely right I want no part of this hang. Thank you for joining us man. You're awesome. You got an anytime. Cheers incredible. All right that's the show can't thank you enough for choosing to listen to this show. Obviously, you have a lot of things that can penetrate your ear holes. The fact he let this do it. is very very nice. Few you enjoy the show. Please tell us if not act like it never fucking happened. Okay Aj everything say to the people as they go into an incredible weekend. Maybe motivate them to have the best weekend. They can possibly have what the circumstances that we currently are living. I hope everyone has a great weekend I. Hope digs is happens how he wants to here in a couple weeks. Very nice you also happy birthday to Samantha Loot Eight. My fiance soon to be bride. Best human on earth. I'm very thankful. Take your last name, Pat. That is she gonNa take your last name. You know we have the conversation I think. I don't know. All right. Did your wife. Yes, she did she. I mean she might want to take it back now, but yes, she did. Oh, no take backs. He's on that thing. I just had to go down the courthouse and sign a bunch of things, but my right hand up and say that I wasn't second cousin Sam. Did you ruin your marriage license to do. Yep. They gave us a list of five questions. It was like. Are you a sexual offender? Are you over the age, of Blah, blah? Blah is the person that is standing next to you that you're gonNA marry a closer than your second cousin, and then everything else is who is like nope. NOPE Nope, and we had to raise your right hand and say that every answer we gave was the truth, and it was like we not causing problems were not thank you analyze sexual offender, obviously, and we are both of age and. Yes, this is an interesting situation. Has Anybody Ever said Oh? You know what we are so? We to get out of here, so sorry, we are second cousins. I didn't know this a rule. I don't say no, it is. It's going to happen. We just came down paid eighteen bucks cash only by the way she's eighteen bucks cash only what you would think in covert not way to do it. Yeah, we met it happen. We're GONNA get married can't wait for digs gets to do the same though you're. Covered is brewed. Forget through it together. Have a great weekend. Happy Birthday to Samantha Ludi you're the greatest I love you tomorrow. Cheers have grow weekend. You're the best. Please plays independent music..

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