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GOP and 11 38 traffic and weather on the Eights and Rita Kessler in the W. T o p Traffic center. Keep an eye out for delays on North Bounty 70 in the area of Falls Road. You may want to stick to the right to get by the accident activity there now we've been full of accidents along to 70 along I 70 looks like Howard County Frederick County really taking a lot Ah lot a lot of slick spots in the area. It's like everywhere, but we seem to be affected mostly in those areas also So in Baltimore is well, now on I 70 we've numerous accidents. Westbound. I 78 97 in Westminster near 27 in Mount Airy that one cleared out of the roadway. Also near 75 in Newmarket was a report of a crash eastbound I 70 before 75 in new market had been a vehicle into the guard rail. Also westbound on I 70 But before 66 in Boonsboro, near Mile Marker 38 is a report of erect to 14 Central Avenue. It's Southern Avenue had been the scene of a crash look Like the problem we had on eastbound 50 on the seven River Bridge, the broken down garbage truck that's been cleared out of the roadway. If you're on the Beltway, the outer loop between Connecticut and 3 55. The crash reported in the center of the roadway delays back near Connecticut Avenue past the scene. Watch for more response showing up in Virginia. No major issues. Westbound 60 60 earlier wreck near the Prince William Parkway should be cleared. 95 looking good between Fredericksburg in Springfield. No problems reported along 3 95 between Springfield and the 14th Street Bridge. Don't over. Pay for glasses Get two pairs in a free exam for just 69 95. That's not just a better deal. It's America's best book Your Exam online today. I'm Rita Kessler. W T OBY traffic. Storm team force. Matt Ritter and W We've got that transition. Now the light wintry mix that we have had for hours and hours. The cause that icy glaze on top of the really compact, wet snow we got yesterday..

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