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With the what am I mean obviously the production peace with the Mets and of what the Yankees said nothing that happened today by four PM in this year of course you know it's wanted nothing white Sox now Jose or Breyer with the bases loaded one on a sacrifice fly and a ground just walked out of the band nother batter so the bases are now loaded with the white Sox bottom of the third leading one to nothing with two out and they loaded the bases all four of underground with the single another single a walk and the sacrifice fly as we say by a brave you and gramas just walked another batters so having a rocky bottom the third inning in Chicago with the white Sox leading it up by the score one to nothing no we have alluded to during now we're going to get right back to the telephone calls but we alluded earlier in the program Bob clap is reporting that the Mets did call with the cash money and offers Stroman wanted to flip Stroman do the Yankees bought for Garcia and Florio and up in a cash when was not going to be taken by that even though we wanted to upgrade its star on it but with a as starter and I and again my two cents worth and I'm guessing that the starter that casual and really wanted was on sale princess go and what did did that that idea was the giants winning seventeen out of twenty one they decided to go for it as with the second wildcard and again the Mads also tried to offer to Houston Zack Wheeler for Kyle Tucker and they've been the Astros were going to do that so in the end there was some attempt by Brodie band of a wagon and to improve the team but he wasn't going to please the rag casual wasn't going to go for a stroll one of four his out two of his top prop prospects that's for sure and and the Astros war obviously dead set on somebody like Kerensky had not Zack Wheeler and certainly we're going to give up Kyle Tucker their job of prospect for Zack Wheeler so are the maps dared telling everyone before four PM earlier today that they add leverage well if you have leverage and nothing happens what does leverage means and of course said the Yankees the Yankees were talking to Toronto just some reports have aired a regarding can Giles but the injury he's on the outside looking in so that was a no go how do you know that don't listen it's not due care Truman's fall Dev grain Katie has a no trade in a bomb garner is going to stay in San Francisco also with the no trade and no listen if if a team in your division or another American League team make that re Cleveland yeah they're not going to deal with you and I mean listen of a guy as a no trade to the northeast that's not cash payments fault yeah and and they have if you're Cleveland and your and they made it clear that we're going to trade Bauer to any contender in the American League that makes sense and and again with the giants winning seventeen out of twenty otherwise they might have had a bomb going or on the market and it's and I certainly believe that the Yankees were they in a position to overpay for a guy they wanted certainly one of but if it wasn't there to be hired what are you going to do what you're going to have to go with what you've got and they're going to going to Houston makes them the prohibitive favorite and argue of Lee get themselves to the World Series but there's no guarantee about any of that and what do you will hold playing of what you are hoping for if you're a Yankee fan is it when you get to serious October baseball you have some help the people back maybe Severino and of course but dances ought to be back and Gary Sanchez who can maybe get a kid every now and then and make sure that he doesn't know lose any balls at hit the dirt in front of all and now let's face it you need does Stanton we'll see about him nobody knows what the timetable is with them anyone Erin judge to start getting hot is what is a year but two singles to for as low as thirty four so all of the metro Dade metropolitans listen and they should only have some concerns about October baseball do I think they meant to go to get there now with that is there to Florida as a team they don't mix and match well however if they are going for six in a row tonight I think they can make a run make it interesting making it interesting is not making it into scenarios October baseball there's a difference so this is where we are four o'clock came and went and again with the Yankees today and with the metropolitans today apparently as I said earlier they thought why it could be that they were more concerned about the deadline being at four PM on the twelfth of never because nothing did happen today although I think the Yankees and the Mets drew certainly wanted to upgrade and improve but just couldn't get it done gallery is calling from Brooklyn New York and Gary you're on the fan in New York City what's happening good evening Steve summers well my heart's beating really fast you never spoke to you and I've been listening to you in thirty one years ago when I was in my bed at twelve years old and hearing captain midnight and able you know well that can you overnight yeah you might be the only one back then that I didn't put to sleep and you were in bed what is it as but thank you a lot for that really quickly I wasn't able to sleep because my brother showed me the movie Eraserhead and I hadn't bonds than mine against terror and you helped you were my captain midnight you helped calm my head down and I was able to relax and fall asleep not right away it was your for awhile but it was a magical and I want to just thank you for that so much well here's what I can say to that first of all thanks of course but thanks for giving me a chance way back then because if you're not there I'm not here so it works both ways you happen to know that okay I have a question really quick I don't your psychiatrist but your main site yes you know I became a Yankee fan in nineteen eighty six probably like about nine years old and I fell in love with don Mattingly and he loves rooting for this team that pretty much was not very good date set for ten years they won the most games in the American League but they never made it to the playoffs and don Mattingly but my hero and one of the few at the ninety five it's been hard for me to honestly I enjoy any of these four World Series wins I like it I grew up in the walk is great cattery Tim Leary did I don't know like I find myself liking the mats and wanting to hop on that but I I was happy to hear that they got they got along well is there something wrong with me I don't know like but I just it's hard for me to actually enjoying the Yankees as a front runner makes me sick well not listen every year I think you can be a better described as a chamber of commerce fan but nonetheless listen and as it is a teach their own and there's nothing wrong with that what do you root for our home you root for and again you know everyone is going to say well wait a minute you can't be a Yankee fan and cross over to being a metropolitan fan that's heresy that's sacrilegious of that but that's you and who's to say it's Warren you should not care what anyone else has to say or think anyway to begin with one eight seven seven three three seven.

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