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And there were plenty of things that needed to be worked on but it was a viable alternative everybody thought they were gonna be coming back player thought they were coming back league officials the only to people that knew they were not gonna come back dick ebersol in vits mcmahon they already knew that we're not going to do this again but evident tell anybody you got players and coaches and teams and this at the other all gearing up ramping up for a second year and they pull the plug xfl was for one season only now because as jeff and i were talking about coming back part of it because of the diminished presence of the nfl man it's going to be interesting 850 leukemia lymphoma society has been funding blood cancer research for the last sixty five years it was the l l s funding of dr brian gruber's research that changed chronic myeloid leukemia from a deadly disease to one controlled with just a pillar day our next target acute myeloid leukemia aml it kills ten thousand people a year in the us alone we're betting dr drew khor can make history again visit l l s dot org that's l l s dot org as your child swatted your medicine your longer detergent your nail polish remover call the poison help have you and hailed paint thinner glue pesticides cobra poison helpline have a question about a judge of fume something your kid just drank call the poison health line poisonings can happen at the home on the job or immigrate outdoors call the poison helpline first for fast free advice from medical professionals call one eight hundred two two two one two two two.

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