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Weakened longer maturity debt rose and us stocks lingered near record highs after minutes on the last federal reserve meeting showed some policymakers were on the fence when it comes to further interest rate increases several fed officials said their decision on whether to raise rates this year would depend importantly on whether the economic data in coming months increase their confidence on inflation rising toward their two percent target for more on the fomc minutes released today jeffrey cleveland chief economist at paid and regal discuss that and the current economic outlook with carol massar and cory johnson on bloomberg radio to give me your thoughts and he's headline have well i think page nine of the fomc minutes i think did go through them high did this quickly as i could i think you know there's this debate carol over inflation and inflation is below the two percent target part of me thinks that's not that much of a mystery we've actually been at two percent encore pc e uh by twenty percent at two percent or above two percent i should say twenty percent of the time the last two decades so bean below two percent it's not that unusual okay so i think that's important for for investors to think about but in the minutes the wrestle with this idea of by inflation is low and i think on page nine they say you know many participants still think that the fact that the labor market is tighter at the economies more at full capacity to that will bring inflation over the medium term that so that they're still sticking to that view which i think is important for for the mark to think about it is interesting though i do feel like what's gaining momentum jeffrey is this idea that with the fed officials too said contend low inflation had only transitory and i feel we are getting some momentum that maybe this is just the.

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