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Word nights text the word nights to 85561616 20 AC unit mortgage talking text line. Text the word nights. We will send you a link directly to our show page. And there you can see the entire listen back if you want to the entire and Compton interview Also last week when I was in for Wagner Had an interview with former Lieutenant governor Rebecca Kleefisch few hours after she announced her gubernatorial is his goober, by the way gubernatorial candidacy. Running for the, uh, the Senate after Senate. Yeah. Gubernatorial candidacy running for Senate. You know what I mean? Anyway, Talk to Kleefisch Compton and all the goofy stuff. We do Pancakes about podcasting. All that stuff. The full show podcast is there If you're not able to hear us, or you don't know, did I miss the show where they are and what they on Because we're a little scattered. You know what sports play by play just text nights and you can go and listen. At your leisure. What's nice about tonight's nights as we have a third hour on tap, Yes, indeed. Going to talk game shows in the nine in the eight o'clock our nine o'clock If you're listening to us in the Eastern Time zone, of course, going to talk game shows because earlier today, the 50th season the 50th anniversary of the price is right debuted. Walked down that path if you could, if you could excel in any game show if you could appear in any game show, what would that be? Maybe we'll dive into that. Tony's got the news in a minute. Uh, I can't understand. You allow me to translate. Hmm. Wants everyone to know about the Sydney so far from Penny mustard. Mhm. He says its uncommonly comfortable What kind of head Rest. Just say it articulating what? The Sydney To has an articulating power head Rest options. You have been mumbling the word articulating. I see the irony. The Sydney sofa starting at $1215 at Penny mustard showrooms in Milwaukee and Chicago. Mustard dot com. Get rid of nasty household chemicals. At one.

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