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Impulse to flee to freedom. She's intended to be bait for Logan. And Logan doesn't he'd find her dying in the snow and carries her to a nearby town. And I hate that. I have to say this. But I really appreciate that. She's not objectified while she's freezing to death. You should summed up so many of the gender related problems in comic books. I know. But the thing is she's run out into the snow in not skimpy, but seasonally wildly inappropriate clothing and wolverine finds her and he's supposed to find her and find her pretty, and it's a sort of classic setup in which in a lot of versions. The emphasis in the scene would be on how pretty end or sexy the character actively freezing to death was. Yep. So well done Ken Williams. I mean like with a whole lot of things including this one, but also comics sometimes well, speaking of things that Kent Williams does well on the way back to the enclave because Logan traces Sarah's footprints back to where she came from Logan is attacked by one of teens minions who he kind of looks like one of king his his snake men from human, but like Kent Williams style, but he's seriously super goof goofy. Looking this snake guy like she so out of place, except that this comic or nothing is out of place. So it works, but it's just bizarre with king. His actually like a real character in thing. Because it really sounds like a a made up name that someone would give to a cat on the internet. I think you just described almost every name in the masters of the universe franchise. There is a skunk and the special. Gimmick of the action figure was that. It smelled bad and the name of that skunk figure that smell bad was stink. Or? The new sheer is really good. Yes. What more do you say to stink? Or you know, I. It's really good though. The opposite of peace, isn't war. It's stink or the opposite of dumb masters of the universe. Things is. In fact, the new sheera we'll accept that. They keep a lot of the silly names. But they make it work. It's so good. It's so good. I love it so much, man. I just started watching the good place. Now, there's another thing. I have to watch your killing me. Jay. Well, this is really finite. Well, okay. There is that. But anyway back in a comic book. Fine. So look in wakes up in town. He is he's taken out by by by the by king hiss, which I still reject doesn't actual name for anything that's ever really existed. And he he he comes to and finds Sarah who is also recovering, and she is desperate to learn about the outside world until she fled that day. She had never been outside of our town yet. Like, that's totally the unviolable rule of this place. You can't leave. This is the only place you need to be one thing that I really enjoy is that at one point Logan make some offhand comment about how they should grab a cab and play tourists like she's your show them around. She's like what's a cab. What's the tourist leash is really interested? And I can only imagine like what's it got to be liked to try to learn a bunch of new terminology from Noir cowboy protagonist or just from wolverine in general, right? Like, everything is some strange metaphor like he's. Never really direct about anything. He says unless it's about just murder. Oh my God. She's gonna learn that milk comes in bags. It'll blow her goddamn mind because he's Canadian. I know she's also going to learn that there's a lot of terrible bureau out there..

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