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We want to support restaurant gift. Gift cards this is when the when the restaurants are open. We're only open for for pickup and delivery. Right and I I think before they were able to deliver alcohol so really early in the process very early on now we're finding out little Italy on India, street in fact will become the pilot case to have alfresco dining tables out there bars out there on the street. It's very exciting if I were definitely going. Going to be in town this weekend. I would absolutely go to India Street while I'm pretty sure I would go to India Street and see what that looks like Saturday between five and ten o'clock, but Jeff Rosman. Who again is the president of the San Diego? Chapter of the California Restaurant Association will join us, and we'll just talk some shop for ten minutes. Get an update. How's everything going? What are some of the? The challenges you know. What is the toll already? Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera, coming up our number two. We're going to speak with landon. Donovan, who missed yesterday? For whatever reason but landon will be available to us as we know US planning on coming back on July eleven, so we'll talk with landon about what that looks like what it's been like in training and practice sessions. Etc. I'm told that they are allowed to to totally. Go Eleven on eleven, but will let land and explain that and then our number three. This is a name that that I know the last name lap check. His is Dr Richard Lap check. He will join us and I know that because his dad coached at Saint John's and dad was also head coach of the New York next the lap chick name. In new. York City is a really really big. Big Deal His dad's part of the Saint John's hall of fame, and is responsible for like three or four, an IT titles and people go like an it back. When I was the prestigious basketball tournament, he really was so influential, and I can remember being in College in broadcasting from the Joe Lap Chick Holiday Memorial Tournament. Oh is that right because we had a tournament that was named after Dr. Chicks Dad who was a basketball coach? Obviously he is. An activist he is an educator. He's an author. I would invite you between now and two o'clock just to to look up who Richard Lab. Chick is He has been on the front lines of. Equality and activism raise in sports. He's considered one of the foremost experts on the subject of race and sports, and it's not just that he talks the talking. This is a guy who's walked the walk. I'll read you a clip from something. He wrote in the Orlando Sentinel. Reach recently in which you know in the seventies. He was actually attacked in his office for speaking of about racial injustice. He was attacked and somebody used a pair of scissors to carve the N. word into his stomach. So you know this is a guy who's been there who has been personally? Invited to sit with NASA Nelson Mandela, somebody who is lifelong friends with Kareem abdul-jabbar. There's a lot like this this to me. This is a name that I knew the name I didn't know a lot about Richard Lap check, but I knew a lot about his dad. Obviously so he's GonNa join US coming up in our number three and he's invested his entire life into the subject about race sports honored violence. This is honored. By Jesse Jackson Rainbow Push, coalition in two thousand, nine for the lifetime achievement in working for civil rights, craziest resumes insane..

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