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I'd really rather not comment however i think no it you all know impeachment and the house brings the impeachment and then the senate sits as a court and a votes at the end it's it there's a trial in front of the senate and kind of been there done that it's not yeah it felt on that not the greatest thing in the world that's for sure um look this man it's going to be president most likely for the rest of this term i just hope he has the ability to learn and to change and if he does he can be a good president and that's why i hope i have my own personal feelings about it yeah i understand how you feel i understand how you feel many liberal activists in california did not understand next these headline senator dianne feinstein booted san francisco event that was the mercurynews san diego uniontribune california senator dianne feinstein quote donald trump could be a good president the remark hung around her neck like an albatross she elsewhere in the event laid out vivid criticism of the president's policies on korea immigration global warming and she also said you know compromises not a dirty word it's how we get things done but clearly that is not the mood of california voters or at least those who voted in the democratic state party convention it will be worrisome and troubling if i.

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