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Are filmed this week is vertigo which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and was released in nineteen fifty eight vertigo stars Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak after a rooftop chase where his fear of heights and Vertigo result in the death of a policeman San Francisco detective John Scottie Ferguson played by Jimmy Stewart retires Scotty tries to conquer his fear but his friend and ex-fiancee Midwood says that another severe emotional shock may be the only your an acquaintance from College Gavin elster asks Scotty to follow his wife Madeleine played by Kim Novak claiming that she is in some sort of danger Scottie reluctantly agrees and follows madeleine to a florist where she buys a bouquet of flowers then to the mission San Francisco de sec yes and the grave of one Carlotta Valdes and then to the Legion honor art museum where she gazes at the portrait of Carlotta he watches her the hotel but investigation she does not seem to be there a local historian explains that a lot of L. Dez committed suicide she had been the Chris of a wealthy married man and bore his child the otherwise childless man kept the child and cast aside Gavin reveals that Carla data who he fears is possessing that Lynn is Madeleine's great grandmother although Madeleine has no knowledge of this and does not remember the place she has visited Scott Details Madeline to four point and when she leaps into the bay he rescues her the next day Scottie follows madeleine they meet and spend the day together they to Muir Woods and Cypress point where Madeleine runs down towards the ocean Scottie grabs her and they embrace madeline recounts in nightmare and Scottie identifies it's setting as mission San Juan Batista Childhood Home of Car Lada he drives her there and they express their love for each other madeline suddenly runs into the a church up the Bell Tower Scott halted on the steps by his Akra Phobia sees madeline plunged to her death the death is declared a suicide even does not fault Scottie but Scottie breaks down becomes clinically depressed and is in a sanatorium almost catatonic after release Scotty frequency places that Madeleine visited often imagining that he sees her one day he notices a woman who reminds him of Madeleine despite her different appearance Scott follows her and she identifies herself as Judy Barton from Salina Kansas a flashback reveals that judy was the person Scottie knew as madeleine she was impersonating Gavin's wife as part of a murder plot judy drafts a letter to Scottie explaining her involvement Gavin had deliberately taken advantage of Scottie's Akra Phobia to substitute his wife's freshly killed body in the apparent suicide jump but judy rips up the letter continues the charade because she loves Scottie they begin seeing each other it remains obsessed with Madeleine and asks judy to change her clothes and her hair so that she resembles madeleine after judy complies hoping that they may finally find happiness together he notices her wearing the necklace portrayed in the painting of Carlotta and realizes the truth and Judy had been mistress before being decide just as Carlotta was Scotty insists on driving judy to the mission there he tells her he must reenact the event that led to his madness amid when he now understands that Madeleine and judy are the same person Scottie forces her up the Bell Tower and makes her admit her deceit Scottie reaches the top finally conquering his Phobia Judy confesses that Gavin paid her to impersonate a possessed Madeline Gavin faked a suicide by throwing the body of his wife from the Belltower Judy begs Scottie to forgive her because she loves him he embraces her but a shadowed figure rises from the trap door of the tower startling judy who steps backward and falls to her death Scott Bereaved again stands on the ledge while the figure a nun investigating the noise rings the Mission Bell Oh had a budget of two point five million and brought in about seven point three million at the box office adjusted for inflation to budget of twenty two million in a box office around sixty Five Million Vertigo was nominated for two Academy Awards it was nominated for best sound mixing and Best Production Design Vertigo is currently number nine on af is one hundred greatest movies of all time now don't look down because it's time for our feature presentation joining us for.

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