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High of 76 scattered thunderstorms this evening alot of 53 right now. Cloudy 58 degrees 501 a news radio 1200 W away I as the immigration crisis continues. Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano is calling on the Biden administration to act Now I'm pleading and requesting with you. Please put a halt to any measures regarding the release of immigrants awaiting court dates into the city of Dario and surrounding areas. We do not have the resources available to house and accommodate these migrants within our community due to overcrowding, Customs and border protection agents in the Rio Grande Valley are releasing some immigrants without a date. Foreign immigration Asylum petition court hearing Meantime, Texas health officials are investigating two federally run facilities housing unaccompanied migrant Children. Governor Greg Abbott sent the Texas Department of State Health Services to Carrizo Springs to look into a Corona virus outbreak there. And the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says the drinking water is potentially unsafe. At the Midland facility. Abbott is slamming the Biden administration for putting Children and unacceptable and inhumane conditions. Secretary of Homeland Security, meantime, is rejecting Republican accusations of a Biden administration open border policy. DHS secretary of the 100, My Orca says Even his Children come across the border families as units are not being allowed, he said on Fox News Sunday. The president saying now is not the time to migrate is prompting action. We are working with Mexico to increase Mexico's capacity to receive the expelled families. The border is secure. The border is closed. We've been unequivocal in that. But he says that will not stop the US from being humane in its treatment of unaccompanied minors that approached the border. When asked whether or not he plans to go to the border to see the situation first hand President Biden responded. At some point. I will Yes. Miami Beach has extended a curfew and an attempt to control unruly spring breakers things. They're certainly looking like a battle on Ocean Avenue with police and even SWAT teams trying to clear the streets. There's a curfew in effect of eight p.m. to six a.m. your commanded to immediately and make believe dispersed. Police on a TV is trying to grab the crowds and what will likely be a common occurrence for at least the next few weeks. City officials voted yesterday to extend the curfews and restrictions until April, 12 Police had to use pepper balls against groups of partiers to get them to leave. At least a dozen people were arrested, promising news on another drug to fight Cove it. AstraZeneca says it's vaccine is 79% effective, overall and 100% effective against severe illness. That's higher than the trials in Britain last year. The company released data this morning from a long awaited trial in the US It says there were no safety concerns among those who got at least one shot. The result will be sent to the FDA for approval in the coming weeks. Kent Taylor, founder and CEO of the Texas Roadhouse restaurant chain, has died at the age of 65. His family in the companies say he took his own life after suffering from symptoms related to Cove in 19. Including severe Tonight is a common condition involving ringing in the ears. Experts say the Corona virus can exacerbate tonight his problems. Taylor opened the first Texas Roadhouse restaurant in 1993 in Clarksville, Indiana, coming up with the idea on a cocktail napkin. It currently operates 610 restaurants and 49 states and 10, other countries. Texas Roadhouse is based on Taylor's hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is making a surprise visit to Afghanistan just ahead of a deadline for US troop withdrawal. Austin Tweeted that he met with the Afghan president on Sunday and called the visit very helpful. The Pentagon chief added he'll use the information is part of the review process that's already underway at the White House. President Biden is facing a May 1st deadline to withdraw the remaining 2500 U. S. Troops from Afghanistan under a peace deal with the Taliban. On Matthew Makana, Hayes Word Texas Virtual benefit.

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