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You did that shit to me. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa lay waste you. I'm GonNa Fuck you and your whole family. You know like so. It's like it doesn't make him a bad guy to me. It's it's obviously like you know. Is he taking the high road? No right but is he wrong. I. I don't know that he's wrong. You know I mean I always go back like I. I love a baby. Face who wants revenge wants a fight you know yeah like Rick flair running around with a baseball bat. You know Afghan bounty and all that shit like that's madness. You try to put me out. You try to take everything away from me. Think John Wick's not gonNA put a bullet through your fucking head and everybody who's around drive at who they are right. Everybody who was a casualty of John Wick? You don't think John Rambo if you come to his house in this last Rambo movie that he's not GonNa do you like he's doing while you push them in. Did you ever see this last Rambo? It's home alone. Did it come out. The baby was it. It's home alone except it's him. His like daughter adopted daughter something goes to Mexico and gets Like human traffic and so goes down and gets her. You know. Make sure they know where he lives. Which is a little bit across the border back in the states. Here they come in the meantime. He's fucking dotted up to the nines over there and it's off towards course it's ridiculous dude. These micro machines used to have any micro machines when you boy. Oh Yeah Yeah. I had like a little parking garage thing with the ramp and ask you ever fuck with mask. Dude mask was the bomb. I was in first grade. Mass Kit agents. Was it something eight. Oh what's masks and for no idea? that helicopter that the motorbike that turned to the helicopter. And then the fucking basically delorean like you open the doors and it could fuck and fly. Yeah I just remember the. That was the The semi-truck where the right inside the back but Yup Yup Yup Dude. So Amil W this week is worth checking out. You've got fucking the dynasty which is MGM Group. Somehow got control. They were running the show for the week and I was reminded as I told you last week. That manse Warner was asked in the question was what do you think about the dynasties okay? That's what he took to sips of of his light beer and he said assholes and so this week. There's a sign on the fucking door pitcher Max Warner and says well not allowed not allowed in if you see this do not accept man security immediately. Meanwhile filthy Tom Lawlor and his buddy are down on the fucking grounds of the sport aurium pissing because they got a fucking issue with von Erich boys then we go to this clip. It's dark clip. That's high outside and manslaughter. I got a couple of. I'M NOT GONNA lie up. I've had a couple of beers but I came down here. You know what I have a good time and I'm I'm going in there. And so he rose up on the security duties. GotTa fucking twelve. Maybe what's going on out? How Big Are you? You gotta be like refraining emmys a couple of years. He starts telling me about like a strip club. That's just down the street. And he's like a moment let me in their man guys like Fuck Him Jeff. I don't care mansard gains access to the building. It was fucking good. Show man that sounds like a good show good show and then you got like Aerostar wrestling and A Hammerstein you wouldn't even recognize him hammer. Stones totally changes look and you got CONAN out there. It's it's it's it's a good little fucking it's it's like. Nwea it's just like yeah pop it. It's done isn't an hour if that yeah. It's like forty minutes or whatever. Yeah wow you know. It's like it's like a youtube. Yeah Yeah I mean yeah. I happen to have this fucking the channel from Outer Mongolia that it's on cable but you can't just watch it on Youtube Mongrel via no no different one. That's God I think. No No No power this week. They're just doing that like circle. Squared thing that we saw some of you know okay. That wasn't that wasn't bad which I also did. You see this clip of the dude in the mall. There's yes do you know that the guy who's jumping that's like tag team that we saw. That was the dad advocates on the sun. Is the deal that Luke Hawks and fucking whatever hawks? Is The kid jumping me? Yeah that was one of the less intelligent seen. Someone do didn't didn't seem realize and I'm thinking of the guys that are having to catch him the fuck that I'm thinking of the people who were trying to shop and almost watch somebody die. You WanNa go get some ODA spunk. Myer cookies is trying to go. What what was the was the store like in the first episode of Nitro like the great train robbery store or whatever it was. I don't know there was like the one constant in every shot was like the great train toy store or something boop Dude. I want to shop there but it was crazy. I couldn't there's no time. Hey what's going on dude? Yeah I'm not going to do. The job of you. Want to catch them. Fringe attitude needed to get a new conductor. But they wouldn't open late for me dude. Yeah I was trying to get a caboose walk. Ins motherfucker comes jumps on me cruiserweights. Yeah Barium Nick. Welcome on the train set. Add to get a couple of do paces. Yeah Man I still use that tinsel you're not supposed to put on trees anymore gets all jammed up in the wheels of my fuck and engine dude. He's guys keep contact me about playing a show at the Rock Barn in Ebor the Red Star Rock Bar but The PACE is tune freaky. Hogan down there to fucking hit a couple of fucking low end. Blue Dum dum dum adventure. We gotta go to the beach shop. Do I mean there's been a lot of pictures But is there actual video with sound of Hogan playing a bass? I doubt it very very much. I doubt it very much. I don't know we've seen a lot of still frames but as we know with the Brian Jones is the world people can be turned off. They can be unplugged right. You know whether he was on stage or not. I don't know if we just like I mean. Put it this way clearly. It didn't work out the base playing. Yeah didn't work out right lot easier on the back and hips. You know as hard as is a tumor with like a METALLICA. Or whatever like. I don't have be hilarious if you could like cut to Hogan onstage after a GIG. He's just wailing on the of all man standing on like he calls up the other members of the band like hey man standing on stage playing Bass. It's killing my back dude. Can't.

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