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Yeah yeah i think so i mean the mental part collie is huge i saw so many problems on a bike ride as funny and it just changes my whole frame of mind and and i really haven't ridden much in the last month just with the weather being so crappy and us being gone all the time and it just changes my whole mental outlook on things and and when i'm riding consistently i got a group by ride with every tuesday night and thursday night and we'll start back up when the time changes here some really looking forward to that and but it just improves my whole way of life you know you eat better you sleep better is everything is is i attribute to is trying to stay fit on the bike and so and i like the camaraderie with the guys in in you you know know not i've just gotten i'm fifty four years old i'm i'm past the point that i just want to be the fastest guy on tuesday night you know and i just i'm just going to settle in and just ride with buddies i alike and and maybe do grabble bike riding a little bit on the side to and and but it's it's just fun it's a good good little break in but there's you know the the aerobic benefits or humongous and you know i think it's a great way to stay in shape thank you for being here jerry and doing this podcast really enjoyed this conversation really appreciate you down and taking some time out here at the shop just wanna remind everybody nascar and beat podcast is available on apple podcasts stitcher spotify google play pretty much anywhere you download podcasts you can find this one please leave a rating and review on apple podcasts that really helps us out and spraying the word or if you prefer just just tell friends you like what you're hearing and encourage them the subscribe as well and feedback you can send me on twitter at eight ryan is my handle thanks again for listening to nascar nbc on.

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