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Slept and always do you at least want to appetizer. Tastes the entree before you get into it for me. I thought for a long time. I was going to be a virgin before marriage in sixty minutes and then it just didn't work out for me but i thought i was going to finish coming our new interview with dolly parton. How she's saving christmas and the world this year plus game show week continues our words to win who wants to be a millionaire play next. Welcome back to daly pop. It is time for the hollywood minute. I have sixty seconds to catch up on everything going on in hollywood ready to get to it. Okay wonder woman is here to save christmas guys. It was announced yesterday that the highly anticipated sequel wonder woman nineteen eighty-four will be available on. Hbo max on december twenty fifth. So the movie was originally set to arrive in august and they have pushed october. Now it's landing all the way in december but fans can still see it in movie theaters if it is safe but you at least now have the option of enjoying it at home fans are demanding to know where taylor lautner is. Yesterday we learned there will be a new shark. Boy and lava girl movie for netflix. And taylor is not going to be a shark boy now. The original of girl will be back fans on. Twitter are so upset about this there. Even calling the actor and impostor who knew shark boy girl had such passionate fans and finally. Google has found a way to honor. Alex beck when you type in his name into google and hit surjit asks. Did you mean who is alex. Travek that of course is a nod to the jeopardy rule that you have to answer in the form of a question. It's a small sweet. Easter egg to honor a game show legend. And that's my time but we are going to keep it with the game show is. We haven't celebrating them all week long today. It's all about who wants to be a millionaire. The show knows how to make people rich. And now it's making history november twenty ninth on. Abc one celeb- when a million dollars for their charity of choice and even though the stars on previous episodes didn't quite win so big. They definitely had fun. That shrimp cocktail had a big question..

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