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Him Can help you get my money back. Why didn't they put it back on the show next in line but a fingers? Wow while I gotta say that is something well you know what this means don't you. It means it after twenty six years. I'm firing body Burns as a manager of a stand. Stand up comic and rehiring her as a manager of of an entertainer a comic slash. Rapper a hyphen finit hyphen it. Twenty six years Yeah Twenty six years you now you can see the magic and and in that time she has brought you from from an up and coming comedian to a woman standing with a couple of friends out in the cold on New Year's Eve. I'm Chris Possible. She really did I. I think or so. Say this best miniature there ever could be until I got with Bonnie Burns I really could. I'm not have dreamed of trooping over a different wire every Tuesday night and speaking of what exactly is that laundromat opened. Because 'cause I just stepped in some dog wason went all the way up to my sock. Oh what we can you know what why we listen to the next clip. We can amble over there and see if we can. Yeah Yeah Use it even. If it's not open you try to gin. You know another thing. Let let let's just stand a little bit away from me if you don't mind I don't mind. And another thing. that listener said they loved was when Adam receives phone calls. What a cast of characters we've picked up? Were calling in a lot of fanciers fans years. Yeah I've noticed that well let's listen to a couple of the more memorable phone calls the phone during the phone. Oh no please make me get the phone get out of. Did you totally right totally right about this big thing Actors Mike Boom boom benefit. Do not ah want totally right. I don't know you work with that Woman Paula Apart Magma Mike Mike Mike. I'M NOT GONNA listen. What APPS? Well what the Hell do you get. The Hollywood is you get a agent that defile that vet no opposite. You're right you're right you're right you're so funny always right Chisholm Pitch Mike. I need you to do that on my show Mike. I'm hanging up on the Mike. How are you still healing atom atom? I hung up on. You could God anything at all about vocabulary songs. Apparently nothing get get the phone the phone. Yeah I really really don't WanNa get. The phone is hello. This is Mike. Boom boom totally right but fucking saw you remember short you know like it sounds like hazy totally right thank you Mike. He'll come up with a Song Lake J.. She's a bad thing. Hey we'll go there again. This time. I'm married and I gotTa tell you that's the sort of the same sort of thing by wife. Would you in my bed. I got your back. I don't want you to have my back. I asked Pat. I want you to call back. Okay Mike Hey Mike I for one thing. I can't even begin to tell you what your last name is. It sounds like you start with A. B. and then you end with a face full of. Yeah my kids are a little bit to be an actor. What's the name Mike Bonneville concert? They want you to have my back at all. I don't hang up again a day data. Well if someone has a friend that is that the governor believes as a result they're related to Barbara streisand and can't stop singing her songs and can't leave the house without their hair and we don't even know if I go to lunch without a lighting crew. This is the perfect dialogue to help them. Well listeners. pastured if you wouldn't want to help somebody like look what I we don't want to get the phone call. Let me answer the phone. Hello out of it. I WanNa find many believe I got through the phone online using online. I've so lucky and I just love you so much when you meet your peak and and I mean that in the third you you have a lively Chom. Did you get the birdhouse. I sent you a Birdhouse birdhouse winning. I'm not getting anything that you're sending me and I'm GonNa ask you. I'M GONNA ask you to not send me things anymore because it's uncomfortable. It's so important to me that you get the things that I said you because I love you so much one. Where's Yeah Paulie politics? I don't love Paul and off because she questions you and you're right about everything out of Yeah I love you you so much as a pitcher. Could we used to be a Pinot. No I'm not going to send you a picture of me. I did you send him the bird involved I live with. My mother had a break. But I would much rather live with you. You were so definitely not gonna live with me at any point so wonderful. I you know the way you keep me at a distance. This is the first time I've long along for that Mike Boom Boom Guy because he's at least make me quite this uncomfortable. I gotta go out of my take out the trash look at. I really love you take Care Take Care Winnie. Well that was weird boy. She really likes you. Yeah I guess. So they're domesticated animal. Not Anthony Yes especially in South America America and then there I mean like the their pack animals for Indian cultures since like pre Columbian Era Mandy and also. So they're big in Ecuador. Yes we're we are a very famous podcast so Ecuador if you're listening we're harboring Allama. Yeah we have Allama Handy and you mean like Indie Williams. No the Andes mountains. Andy Andy Roddick. No the Andes Mountain. Any radical is a big competitor with Roger Federer. WHO has a store right over on the corner here okay? There's a lot it wrong with that statement. I'm going to start with Andy Roddick. Having having retired from tennis and I'M GONNA get a store on the corner is barely store. It's not called Federer's it's called fetter. Yeah and it's an appliance store unaffiliated with reigning Swiss tennis champion. Roger Federer no listen to me Roger Federer cannot as Andy Roddick figured out Roddick. He figured out you can't play tennis forever. Yes right okay. So Roger Federer but the store right on the corner he did and it's an applete running appliance store and Miranda Street in North Hollywood until the heat death of the universe and not earned as much money as he earns in a single tennis tournament. But what you don't know and I do know about Roger Federer is here's a little spending Jones a really. Yeah see these dolls that are like ten bucks he Ah Shit load of them. They don't even work. Is there anything else we need to know about the obey the L.. PACA anthony at different animals. See you don't know everything. I don't know everything everything I don't know more than you about every phone. I don't want to taller. I don't WanNa get the phone. No answer the phone. I can't just let orignal rude. Just answer the phone. They're going to know you're there. Hello Oh Jeez here. Have you know everything. I don't claim to know everything. Not something. Something out of Wisconsin. I've been to Wisconsin places where you could learn so much. Oh Yeah. I've been to Wisconsin Times Times. Have you been to Wisconsin Wisconsin two or three times. Haven't seen the whole state of Wisconsin. Where are you calling appleton is Lacrosse? There's there's Kenosha Wisconsin del Mac. Jack Townsend Wisconsin. Mac GotTa name everything in Wisconsin. I understand that it's a big state under under lack. Adam has one of the top Akwa Parks have you have you gone there. What's an aqua park? Mac Swim with the water water. Water immediately park. No but I've been to water amusement parks water parks. Yeah I still don't understand how you're calling podcast. That is not in fact the live show matter avoiding necklace. Lord I don't I don't match I everything got back early wrong. Thank you very much for calling. I don't know how you're doing talk and good good talk any anytime. You WanNA come to Wisconsin. Adam you got a place.

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