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I think jaren jackson number four i understand he had some great games that at michigan state but he disappeared for long stretches at michigan state including the two games in the tournament we're tom izzo didn't even play him except for just a few minutes really in the second half of both of the tournament games and if i'm using the number four pick i probably want a guy who who's on the floor during the nca tournament not not watching from the bench so that was something that would concern me you know i understand that that that physically he's got all these tools and and and you can see what the potential wasn't like i say he had some games that that if he watched them last year at michigan state and then you'd say yeah this guy is definitely worth the number four pick but he just had so many games that that you can't help but scratch your head and wonder why michael porter jr dropped to fourteen question marks that that we're making the rounds in the days before the draft it was obvious that that that that his situation was was perilous in terms of where he was gonna wind up going but even with that i was really surprised that you know team mike charlotte like what are you have to lose i if you're charlotte what do you have to lose you know rather than getting you know miles bridges why not get a guy who could change a franchise now he may might wind up never play might wind up being greg right i mean does that but at the same time you know he might wind up being a joel embiid type who you're going to have to wait a couple of years in and make sure he's right physically but when he plays he has such a such high potential for a team like charlotte why wouldn't you take that risk you know i mean i just really looking to win you know forty three games again get back to the seven or eight see what do you really want to change a franchise and to me i was i was surprised that that that some of those teams clippers as well it had twelve and thirteen that that that those teams passed up on them on your side i that question surprises somebody who went later in the draft that you thought would have gone earlier.

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