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In India where one point three billion people ordered into lockdown coronavirus deaths continue to take off in Europe France now the fifth country across the one thousand deaths threshold Spanish medical workers demanding action after the elderly they are most at risk and here in Britain the army's been delivering medical supplies and London's millennium dumps being converted into a four thousand bed field hospital pandemic has medical professionals trying to protect themselves and in some cases drastically reducing their services Dr Sophia Parr PA is my dentist Almont springs Florida we have been state mandated not to see patients other than emergencies until may eighth a broken temporary crown got me in the doctor and her crew fixed it while wearing face masks and shields sponge Bob square pants once sang don't be a jerk this New Jersey man apparently was not listening to put it simply governor Phil Murphy says there are not cool heads out there he says that particular novel had got too close to an open display of prepared foods at a supermarket in metallic that charges are being brought against a defendant who got into a dispute with an employee of Wegmans coughed on the woman and told her after doing so that he had coronavirus governor Murphy says fifty year old George Falcone told two other employees they were lucky to have jobs and refused to give police his name or license for forty minutes he's charged with terroristic threats harassment and obstruction Deborah Rodriguez CBS news Wall Street apparently likes the Senate coronavirus relief deal with Dow futures are up six hundred points S. and P. futures up thirty eight this is CBS news you.

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