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In your mind and see your life where you want it to go and have him Bishen. Again. I was one of the best ways to change your life is to start expecting something from yourself again. My sister and Bishen is time to raise your standards to set your sights higher. That's what doesn't happen for people here, and that's often where they struggle. So all around this two things are happening one your level of ambition, and to this is the difference maker your level. Of. Command men known likes word, but I love it your level of command in life. This means you taking charge of your life. You when you get knocked back up saying, okay, I'm in charge. I gotta get back up and go when you struggle in life, you take charge again of life. If you don't have command of your life. If you don't take the helm, if you're not the captain of the ship all of this is just positive thinking man, the difference maker in people's lives is the embellishing they set and the command they take over their circumstances. Their thoughts their behaviors their actions their relationships the direction of their daily, focus and goals, man. That's it. Think about the importance of command. You know, another way that might sound softer to say, this is resilience confidence and self. Direction. It means listen, lots of people want things they have goes when they get knocked down. They don't have the confidence or the resilience or the self determination to get up and go again, or they let other people push them around. You know, everyone says, no. So they quit. Everyone says you can't. So they believe they can't. But highly successful people take command of their life. They say, you know, what this is the demarcation line. I am no longer. Everyone else. Push me around. I'm no longer gonna play small when someone speaks down to me. I was speak up to them. When someone tells me, no, you you don't have a chance you say watch me. When someone doesn't believe you realize that their understanding is not necessary for your progress is taking command over your own thoughts behaviors and direction in life and being able to do that in the most difficult of circumstances being able to do that. When no one believes being able to take command when you don't feel like it command is the same thing. Another word of another way to say it self-discipline, right? It's like, okay. I don't feel like it today. You might wake up and I don't feel like today. But you take command say, okay, brain, I hear you saying you don't feel like it. But listen, we're going to do it. Put those shoes on hit the road, you're jogging. Let's go command is taking control of those fearful or lazy impulses that shut us down or turn off our action command. It says listen, I know I don't feel like it. But it's my time. I know I. Oh, I don't feel like it. But if I don't care what I feel like what's important what is necessary. And I will say this has been a difference maker in my life. I can't everyone thinks printing, you them motivator. You wake up every day in a flowery mood as sometimes I wake up..

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