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Also offered financial aid and diplomatic assistance to help rebuild parts of syria shattered by almost seven years of civil war north and south korea will march onto one unified flag during the opening ceremony of next month's winter olympics is this strong a sign yes i'm an easing in recent high tensions and facebook is expanding a british investigation into possible russian interference ahead of the brakes at referendum facebook on twitter have previously tone uk lawmakers that it found minimal use of its platforms compared to the more comprehensive russian misinformation campaign ahead of the us presidential election but british policymakers have pressed the companies to investigate whether russia used other methods on social media to influence the vote global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and unassembled one hundred twenty countries i'm sorry to kill off this is bloomberg markets but you very much indeed sandro let's turn to the banking sector next in the united states to be more specific goldman sachs reported a plunge in bond trading in the fourth quarter putting its market cap below morgan stanley's for the first time in a decade meanwhile morgan stanley were reports fourth quarter earnings later on today joining us now to talk about all of these different strands is bloomberg news reported donny bug or a very good morning to you johnny gray waam mining now banking shares had been doing quite well but investors sent the stocks of goldman as well as bank of america down yesterday what was so negative in that reports that caused that was at the focus on a goldman sachs on its bond trading that that trading really was the focus of investors which is of benefit different town because we had seen it previously investors an analyst as well on the calls really focusing on what the tax cuts would mean for the banking sector but it wasn't really the case for gold men and just as sort of a hint of why it might be a bigger deal so basically when you have the tax cuts coming different things are coming out trying to.

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