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Thank you on what you do. What you love to do now that i actually i think that nakae has had one of the best slogans ever <hes> and that's just you know don't be afraid. Hey i love it in fire your father yes. The what you're saying is right. You really have to do what you wanna do. Don't let people weigh you down. Stay focused go for it. You need to just do it because we only live once so i want to thank both of you so much for taking time to be with me today to be with with the audience to share it. Yes absolutely i saw just water trigger over here on we. We actually do have a gofundme campaign. We're dealing to help yet race offensive finish the project with the all the post production mayor and you can go to to austin fox fox two exits dot com and get all their information in this from really right behind the scenes photos and of the production. Is that depth on there as well excellent. I'm really glad that you brought that up because i think it's important for the viewers to also get involved because they are now connecting sitting with you and they're going to be able to move forward with a lot of the things that you've got going on and are often people are gonna be able to follow you for a long time because you are committed need young man that is growing in this industry in with what you're doing right now. There's an unlimited unlimited potential in entertainment and i can see that <hes> you. You've got a long long wonderful road in this in this industry so i i am really excited to follow. You and i know corey <hes>. You've got to be add ons and proud and with white. You're in a d something something that we're gonna wanna follow for you as well so thank you both so much for being with me today. Every mass we most definitely me and i want to thank all of you for watching and tuning in today. Please make sure to take a moment not only do one but two things go to austin fox works with two axes dot com and contribute to the go fund me page so that you can get involved with the post production process and you can get in for some <hes> a some extra behind the scene things that maybe aren't out there you can get in volved with that and then you can see what happens at after everything is all done an on screen really exciting and not only that we ask that you share the show with all your friends your family your loved ones and even the people that you don't know all over social media again go to austin fox dot com and we ask that you tune in again for the next episode next week <music> <music>..

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