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Mr Prior, my friend Good to talk to you today. Thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me Larry. Good morning. Good morning, Amber. Let let's first talk about this meeting where they basically we're trying to correct their issue with regard to Tanner across the teacher who they tried to fire because or at least suspend because he spoke his mind at a school board meeting several months ago. Now it's remarkable that they have to institute a policy a new policy. That guarantees that their employees have the right of free speech that I mean that that's part of what they did here. Which tells you exactly where the sport has been going. Yeah, I think that's right. And you know, interestingly, so they passed a code of conduct for For staff on Tuesday. That, as he said, supposedly codified their First Amendment rights off off campus when they're outside the facility. This is something they've been working on for over a year. They tried to put this policy in last year, and that's what generated so much controversy even before the Tanner case. Because what they were trying to do was to say if you're outside of school on your own time, you can't speak negatively about the school's commitment to equity. A critical race theory or else we could discipline you. So if you're a teacher, and you're talking your neighbor and you're saying, you know, I'm not really sure. I'm good with this. And that neighbor calls called the school and reports you You could have been disciplined under the way they had written policy last year, So it took him a year to get it somewhat right. Um, and here we are, However, this policy then goes on to say that teachers absolutely no right to follow their conscience or any other odd concerned that they might have a voice their concern or exercise any concerns they might have about any policy. That the school board implements is that right? That's correct. Yes. So you know they again they keep trying, but it doesn't appear that they're getting, you know, either either good legal advice from the council or really thinking these things through. They also pass the dress code that is You know, patently unconstitutional, you know, talks about kids not being able to wear clothes that have writing or symbols that could be deemed offensive or could be deemed hate speech with without defining what that is. So again, it creates this vague situation where we're going to be back in the courts at some point, because something's going to get in trouble for something Amber. I'm really excited about the child of a law enforcement officer out in Loudon County, saying that they're offended by their classmates. Black lives matter T shirt and I'm sure that that the shirt will then be ruled against the dress code. Yeah, I'm sure that's exactly what will happen. I've also curious like, I guess this sort of happened while I was on vacation. Has there been any movement on this new policy that requires student athletes to, uh get vaccinated? It seems like are they the only members of the school district that are, uh, just the healthiest fittest One for this ones are subject to the vaccine mandate. Nobody in the crowd has to wear it. Apparently, can you walk us through some of some of what The parents had to say about that policy at this meeting and how the school board responded to that? Yeah. You know, you're seeing what you're seeing a lot of pushback on that. That's sort of the new issue to be quite honest with you in a lot of parents were talking about that at the school board meeting but was really interesting to me is that we had a couple of parents. Come up to us after the school board meeting who were kind of on the fence about signing these petitions to remove school board members, you know, they weren't really sure about the things that have happened in March with the list. They weren't really, you know, they really understand where critical race theory was, but they want this happened once they said, Oh, wait. They're going to make us vaccinate our kids. For playing sports, but not everybody else. Where can I? Where can I sign this? You know, and it was like, Wow, this is apparently you know, a new, potent issue that it is driving parents that are just frustrated with what's going on in county by the way in prayer. You mentioned the list back in March just to bring people up to speed if they don't know that was a basically a hit list at Target List, an enemies list. Created by members of the school board and other elected officials. Other teachers, members of the Latin county school faculty and members of the community in a private Facebook group for you and many of your colleagues were targeted. Uh, that sort of re energized the opposition movement here and actually sort of brought you in to this point and many of your colleagues out there where we have to recall some of these members, you have to use the constitutionally protected Mechanism of recall in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Can you give me an update on that process? Because I know that Beth Bart's the first person where you have reached the threshold of signatures, she had a day in court this week. That's right. So you know in Virginia, Unlike other states, you have to go to court once you get enough signatures, and then once you get those signatures, there's a trial and the judge will decide if Other school board member and officials should be removed for neglected duty or misuse of office. And so we had a. We had a hearing on Monday that was supposed to be where she comes in, and shows cause why she should not be removed that ultimately got moved because the judge recused themselves, so we have the continued hearing on Wednesday. Job, which is yesterday. And quite frankly, I mean, I think it was encouraging because what we saw was that you know the judge what was going to run a tight ship and she's going to take this seriously and they said a here a new hearing. For October 5th where motions will be heard, and you know one of the motions. It's going to be filed a motion to disqualify the Commonwealth attorney Buddha bribery because she's she's got a conflict of interest in this case. I mean, there's there's just no getting around it and the Commonwealth attorneys who represents the petitioners She herself was in that Facebook group. She is tweeted out articles criticising what we're trying to do. So, you know, we certainly hope that that motion succeeds and we get an independent, non non partisan special prosecutor to handle this for the petitioners, Ian Prior. If people are just sort of hearing this, they're out in Loudon County. They're concerned or, as you said, a nightmare every time they have a meeting and come up with new policies or articulate their existing policies. They really drum up more interest in your cause to recall them. So where should people go if they want to join this cause and get themselves a petition to sign? Yes, so they should go to fight for schools dot com. The first thing to do and I would also say tomorrow early voting starts, so we're going to be out in Leesburg at the early voting location. With petitions for the remaining school board members for people to come out and sign. So if you want to go out there and get your vote in early, Um, tomorrow you can go and also signed the petition. So we hope that the people that haven't we haven't gotten to show up. I know that you're cause Ian Prior here at factory schools is a non partisan affair. But it should be noted, Thank you for having me out at the rally. Last week over 1000 Loudon County parents. Young parents, um, concerned about their Children's future, They were there and so they're going to one of the candidates for governor Was there Glenn Yunque in as well as winsome series the candidate for Lieutenant governor, Uh, really not talking about their campaign nearly as much as just talking about saving schools. I think that speaks volumes. Yeah, absolutely does. And look, we've gotten support from across the political spectrum. I think you know there are a lot of what's called traditional liberals, um, that that value free speech that value open debate and you may not always agree with them on the issues. But they at least respect the process of the marketplace of ideas. Hold on. This is huge, and I love making news here and I'm delighted you said across the political spectrum, So Terry McAuliffe is on board with backing you and you're interested in fixing the schools there and bringing accountability to the school board. Not that I've heard, but I'm not when I'm talking, Er Okay, what I talk about Democrats that is supporting it. I'm not talking about the Democrat Party establishment. But I'm talking about people that you know a lifelong Democrats that have voted Democrats. You would absolutely welcome Terry McAuliffe. That's that's for sure. And so would we. If if Terry McAuliffe wants to come and come to an event and talk about you know how he wants to save schools and fight with us to do that, then we'd be happy to happen. Amen to that in prior always good to talk to my friend. Thanks again. All right. Thanks, Larry. Thanks, Amber. 7 16. Let's get straight to Lisa Beeton in the perfect feeding traffic center. Uh, I'm doing the Thursday morning. Happy dance because the crash is gone now on the Georgetown Pike. I couldn't wait to tell you..

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