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To San Diego nothing eighth inning to down nobody on Romo into his stretch the pitch on the way slider in their attendees strike to news the veteran left handed batting slugger is WWE the three waving those orange rally towels there the present here at AT&T park today and have been through the weekend to nothing the giants and role model for this one two pitch slider is missing a little bit and what the options two men to mmhm rubs up the ball walks around the house and then good pitch recognition there by Tony Alva and the temperatures right we're running one of the starting into the corner than having it end up off the plate due to slider that is box rules shortly after the lifting and comes to a halt to to the county this can make up its mind it's now blowing straight out towards center field been blowing hard toward left wing level camera use this message to them nobody on almost to a two page news a the eighty two survivors of the took something off that one it's seventy eight and a sprite three three up and three down we go the eight Boston post is coming and the giants lead to nothing the giants last of the eight day lead to nothing on this the final day of the regular season or at least the giants having their power to make it so buster Posey against Mike Adams Justin for the bullpen and he throws a a backup slider in their for a called strike it did not do any sliding this is the sixth consecutive day that Adams has pitched in a game now the pitch slider there's a drive existing eighteen and now it is a three run lead with the giants getting and they're so excited it's down there in the dugout right down there it is beating up buster Posey down there inside to Prodi Ross by the way taking a second look although Adams is a tall right handed it is still the other tall right hander Greg isn't I beg your pardon Greg isn't working in his fifth straight day now he pitches and he raps on over the outside corner for the strike with Greg Olsen we're used to seeing that sharks minor with a great rate to it and he hung a couple of Posey and destroying another one here the quality Ross the one one PH swing on a ground ball I have a case regular season certainly may be showing that the having one and having two batters I got in and sat around for a while that might have been enough maybe the center left in him on his fifth consecutive day of work to do what he did in the seventh inning armistice capital bit is that's minor you see them hang a slider maybe one against one two twice before these on three of four in this inning alone is a throw to first and the only Ross dives back safely to the bag you know John there been so many comparisons made between the young buster Posey and young will Clark aim up and really transform the stands for enterprise and I think a lot of the comparisons are valid well because he just reminded me of of will when he came around first base as soon as he knew that ball was out he gave one of those classic will Clark this box and it's about as much emotion as he ever shows on the field but two guys the young men who have done so much for this chance franchises close he do it again here today the fundraiser not going to wait around any longer the free every ready in the bullpen and but lacked the manager's gonna make the change right down he saw what we're saying and what we've been saying that Greg this is just a sampling live show home run for Posies followed by a single by Cody Ross and the infer the pain comes free every year in the eighth inning so the fundraisers formula for success has been get five innings or is managing yet but even just five will do with the lead and then headed to the the great bullpen and then they have been almost invincible but that formula down the stretch maybe one of the diminishing returns and that perhaps some of the the first signs of overwork showing on the records in the buster Posey leading off the inning with a big home run setting off a mini celebration of the giants dugout that was followed by the single by Cody Ross the giants with a three run lead the runner at first and nobody out is free ari enters the game time for a change the Expedia oil change and tune up oil change tune up and smog experts I had a chance to take as many as they can get here they've already added to their lead Brian Wilson warming up in a J. school but I've got to think that Wilson is going to be coming into this game no matter what the score becomes its with love if it's not a save situation taken many roads is a a young guy has come up and added to the death of the Country Club and he's a hard thrower from the right side very good young pitchers Ross at first nobody out rebates standing in the pitch to rebate and a big swing and a miss strike one a high fastball Greg this is what two thirds of an inning one run two hits allowed including the buster Posey home run is this your first then jumping back on the bag is Cody Ross Posey's eighteenth home run of his rookie season his sixty seventh run batted in and his first hit of the series you've been over twelve that's one of the hands foul back over the screen and into the crowd behind home plate make sure hold Sunday forty two thousand eight hundred twenty to the playground here's the scratch the to page thanks Walt high in the end shuttle ride circling around in the M. two is left is Ludwig for the catch and there is one way one down Ross stood first in here comes make sure sure holds up for the first time interdigital France a replacement in the first half of the seventh inning two forty three average with three homers and seventeen batted in in the cloud is moved in front of the sun for the moment so the field is covered in shadows now the Janice on the bag at first with Ross opening the whole free area with a move over there Ross back in standing Ross I stood there for a moment with his hands on his knees bent over the races of maybe you've heard something it's usually down the page sure hold swings and misses a fastball up in a way on one Pablo Sandoval on deck Brian Wilson continues to warm up in the giants bullpen the Padres in the ninth inning schedule to have the pitcher's spot then chase Headley and will Venable comma so you see a picture Headley in Venable there's a throw to first and Ross dives back to the bank the sun breaks through again and then with the sun shining we can also see the lawn October shadows that have advanced right up to home plate three Eridge delivers fastball just off the outside one ball one strike three runs and eleven hits for the giants the home run by buster Posey here in the one hundred sixty second game of the year the one hundred sixty second hit by the giants the I feel is very deep and over toward the left field side against Schuerholz one one page hi sliders swing and a miss right to may have gone out of the strike zone chasing that one late Joe started for the Padres and that is overpowering or as sharp as we remember him earlier this year if it's very well six innings two runs eight hits allowed and what turned it around for the giants is Jonathan Sanchez triple right after how does Saddam have been robbed on a spectacular catch by Scott Hairston who put the ball in the field and thank you to the wall a split second later and held onto it want to pitch business ran a high fly ball into deep left center back into his left is the northeast near the edge of the track makes the catch for that three hundred eighty two foot marker holding it first Cody Ross and published on all of them up again the sun is disappeared please read about the the giants are leading in the last of the eighth inning hello robbed of an extra base hit this resend it back in the third it went back to the picture in the fourth and singled in the seventh the problem was one for three today getting to sixty nine for the year switch it about a left handed the sun just now break through partially this is your first by free every diving headfirst back to the bag Cody Ross San Diego bullpen busy again since our arrival selected discounts this room is a fast ball back to the screen and it's only one ninety two mile an hour fastball out over the plate these are quite a repetitive but found it straight back travesty she power has come out on deck you're playing Pablo toward the left field side battled very deep in center now the pitch fastball away off the outside one ball one strike the ball court by Tory Albany made a quick move back to the plate as if to indicate that Hey look at this site I put it right on the corner one ball one strike to McClellan was not duped I was almost in the bag at first with Ross free entry to the plate we're gonna fall back to the screen that ball down in offense wanted ninety three walks away looking frustrated as if maybe that was one for him to plant in San Francisco Bay I had a couple of great reps here in forty every fastballs but he's behind in the count one and two now the strange ones away from first and the pitch swinging in a pop up foul back into the second deck just why I left the fan wrote is glove made the catch I wanted to story of the catcher at the drop down to three area the runners in here on the home run by buster Posey to lead off the inning the giants linkedin nearly little big three to nothing the fundraiser that descended to marry and they have to get two men on base to be able to send the possible trying run to the plate in the ninth inning against Wilson Houston a rather Houston's out again the picture and then Headley invisible would be the men do up and they have a Matt stairs the veteran left handed hitter available on their bench we will likely soon through the first and back to the bag is Ross again sun again behind a cloud want to pinch my fastball away wastage of the outside public good night bye Julie Julie Kampala the battle here with international Ross who singled right at the Posies Homer gets his lead from first the sun is shining again the pitch swing and Pablo popped up foul play off to the left into the lower deck stay with hard stuff here against Pablo that was a fastball down in your available in an hour in our world today to add to the cat the wind has picked up blowing straight out toward left field as again a fog is interrupted the sunshine in the shadows now Pablo the two two counts three area is at the bell and the pitch a slider swung on and found that one right off the catcher you'll be totally alba and that standard little bit to McClellan will give Torrealba a few moments here to collect himself one minute right off the massive Torrealba two balls two strikes hello Sandra seeing a break in over the first time in this whole where the parents renewed was able to fight off.

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