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Awesome for her, she said. She's really, really happy. She's been in this happy land for a minute now, and she just wanted to share that with the world. She also used it as a way to connect with her fans who may be struggling to come out, so we love it. We love it so much. She doesn't use that platform to because she's been Uh, that game that you came out with was you know people were talking about it. How it had all those weird, Uh, cards and for like, for, like, 10 years, 12 year olds? Yes, I hope she didn't like, um and my name is being dragged in the mud. I needed to talk to you. Is that like it was adult kind of there was some adult themes in there. Remember that story like she never even read the board game, which is not great cards against humanity. Very inappropriate. First for kids, don't you see what? Yeah, I know that was blowing up. You talked about in your entertainment report, and I just hope she didn't use Like a man. My name being dragged in the mud. I need to do something positive. You know, been enough time in between torpedo. I think we'll stop freaking out about the game. I think it's genuine. I mean, I had forgotten about it until roof. You're brought it up again. So judges he would just call into Thanks unless you made a mean board game. My sister for a couple years ago brought cards against humanity. To a vacation and we played with my parents. That was fun. That was fun. Fun with your parents. Okay? And then there's there's a version that they could add honor. In addition, that way didn't have that makes it even dirtier, huh? Unfortunately, we didn't have that. Because boy, would I have loved Theo play with Mom and Dad? Yeah, exactly. Yeah, right. So Tiger King Joe exotic. He couldn't secure that part in from Trump's, and now he's trying to finesse the Biden administration. This is so amazing. So he sent emails just being like, you know, I'm so hopeful. I'm so excited for this. Change. Hey, also said that he was too gay to get a part in from Trump his words, not mine. He's been in business for the last two years after being convicted for plotting a murder for hire and various wildlife crime, So he may belong in jail were to check out online today. If you want to see the video of Jo Jo talking about everything that's going on with her also, I mean, we've seen it a million times with Paulina wants me to tell you that car to be were a see through dress. That's also on Fred's show. Radio dot com Fred show traffic sponsored by Staples Stores not to bet on the roadways right now, we do have some minor delays, though. If you're involved in the Kennedy expressing local.

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