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Choice this Sam Elliott's moving old town road for dear readers over here in the bay or stick is to and nobody tell me nothing and Jimmy Fallon and John Cena plugging Michelob ultra working out so some products overall fox sold seventy seven national commercials at five point six million dollars per thirty second slot watch the ads on WTOP dot com Jason Frehley WTOP news some guy we both went online and caught a few of these now there's a Mr peanuts Mr peanut our you know planters peanuts and it's like an action scene and Wesley snipes isn't are they not gonna air that on TV now I can hear that would now it's a crash scene in there I did it was in poor taste given the Kobe Bryant situation so they're not airing now and so that's that's only available on the US all the Jimmy Fallon commercial and what's he selling well isn't it terrible that I do not that's always the way with the Superbowl ads we'll have more we'll talk about him after they've aired in the big game Sunday I know that the song doctor Jerry Seinfeld is working on a new comedies or rather new comedy book scheduled for release in October Seinfeld has organized a book by decade going back to the nineteen seventies when he was a college student and stand up comic no word whether library copies had booked and will read it but you might find it on the shelf next to war in fees one wonders if war and peace would have been if highly acclaimed as it was had it been published under its original title war what is a good for his previous book sign language did sell over a million copies in nineteen ninety three it was really brilliant of those writers to come up with like a very aggressive law enforcement type but he goes after a library book for Java lousy and that's what I missed laughing so much so a couple of big social media network say they're gearing up for the twenty twenty election to try to cut down on misinformation we've got more details ahead for you on WTOP it may be winter outside but inside the dollars expo center season golf magazine is three days only January.

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