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And had to do it differently in Asia than I did in Europe than I did in Latin America <hes> which sounds sounds like well of course she did but you know it took the creativity pulling through to the implementation of that innovation to really make it happen and I'm looking forward to hearing some of those stories yeah I. That's a great distinction. There is a very big difference between being creative and being able to execute that that idea because the there's a different I look at things as you know bringing things from the spiritual or unseen side into the physical side and once you cross that barrier that becomes logistics and execution platforms and vehicles you know it's all fun and Games until crosses that barrier then it opens up into Ah really diverse ways to execute that and sometimes you get stuck there big time and and <hes> and they could be real obstacles breath or they could be imagined or what have you I think again one thing a thread that may come through these interviews his I'll be listening for is that these are all very successful people whether they be in their business or again in there <hes> pursuits of any kind but <hes> <hes> you know there. There's one guy that will talk to WHO's a very successful attorney and yet he has this you know sort of side love of of photography and even a drone photography and <hes> you know it's like where does the drone photographer <hes> blend and in with the successful attorney <hes> but I I think we'll also see what you're talking about. When you talk about limitations what what will here is. Is this whatever it takes mentality that these folks don't seem to be limited by. I don't really have the money. I don't really know anybody who can help me while I'm going to have to incorporate my business. Well need seed money or you know. I'll have to put a lot on credit card. I mean there. There's a whatever it takes mentality and <hes> and the Edward de Bono. You're sort of model of creative thinking <hes> <hes> he has you know descriptions of they call it a brown shoe around Baroque and that this kind of <hes> wingtip shoe in imagine the salesman beating the bushes you know and it's a hole in the bottom of the shoe that you just beat the sidewalk you beat the maidment and do whatever it takes shakes <hes> to make it happen and I think again the the mentality that you'll hear from the people we talked to is like I I may see a brick wall but I'm I'm going to figure out a way to go over it around it under it threw it out catapult. You know what whatever it takes right and <hes>. We're here some of the career because that's again. Creativity thing right eight is right in its its perseverance and determination in its sometimes you. We're go like you said I'd love the Magic Wall or the physical wall right. It doesn't ultimately it doesn't matter if it's potentially stopping you. It doesn't matter whether it's real or imagined agenda's thing and yeah whatever it takes attitude is. I hope that comes through in August. I'm eager to see what they say about that and I think <hes> most of all I think we're going to hear a personal side of these stories that <hes> you know beyond the resume beyond the Lincoln profile beyond the letters at the back of their names. You know we're going to talk to at least one or two P._H._D.'s. We're going to talk to people who have degrees in professions NHS and things like that <hes> but I think the personal connection. That's going to be made you know when we put these people on the phone together and go now. I had no idea you did this. And how did you you know sort of a balance your scientific mind with your creative mind signed <hes> or you're very strong business sense. You know with the fun in the exploration when you went skydiving when you wrote on elephants you know when you took these risks or chances how how what would that impact you personally. Yadda and so these personal connections will be fun. These are the people that we might know but that I don't believe as we've looked at the pairings. I don't believe they know each other as exciting and so they'll be you know I think the the listeners can expect some some Chitchat and get to know at the beginning of the interviews but then it'll be wow I had no idea or I had the same experience or I wish I would have handled it differently or I learned something from you. <hes> because of these personal connections that will make and I think <hes> you the listeners will will really relate to these as people and then who knows if if it inspires you to pick up the phone and maybe call somebody <hes> across the ocean or across the time zones that you haven't talked to in a while or that you feel like you could collaborate with again. I I don't know about you but I think there's a lot of people that you say I always wish I could do something with that person while this might be the time to <hes> to write that email to pick up that phone and make that call the <hes> <hes> and and to that point one thing that I foresee us doing is pulling out some of these <hes> key <hes> ideas or nuggets from these people bill and sharing them in the show notes on the website at G. Mark Phillips Dot Com and throughout social media because I think when we aggregate these things that was when we aggregate aggravate the data so to speak will be able to see some interesting things going on and it's easy to share those things too yeah yeah. I think that's gonna be terrific so some some summary of of <hes> these ideas and say well you know. I didn't know it really boiled down to these five ten. Who knows what they might be but <hes> yeah what do they have in common? What could we learned from exactly. We'll talk about the logistics for the listeners so they can understand what what they're getting themselves into here. <hes> so this is a series within enhancing human experience a creativity series and it will be potentially ongoing it will be like you said talking to people from in fourteen different countries and we have a all these pairs <hes> give some ideas of far as what you foresee. You know you know we have talked about leaving. This somewhat somewhat open ended. We're letting it dry itself. We're not having any preconceived you know putting it in the box so to speak right <hes> what are some of your thoughts on outcomes that that people should expect here in the series yeah well. I think we're going to take a page right out of some of the creativity principles and that is we're not gonNA wait for everything to be perfect and aligned <hes> we're going to start and it might be a little messy at first but we're GONNA we're GonNa Start and that that's part of the fun right <hes> so we have identified as I mentioned these <hes> people from fourteen different countries <hes> and we're going to pair them up so you'll hear <hes> <hes> you and I am interviewing to other people and <hes> instead of maybe expecting this to be. You know perfectly weekly every seven seven days. I mean you. You've done a great job enhancing the human experience podcast of having these regular updates but this is a special series will be an ancillary to that back so you know it it might be a little more episodic might be a little bit more irregular but you can count on it and <hes> I think as we evolve the series <hes> whether that be the length or the topics or the regularity and some of the schedule <hes> we'll see how it goes but <hes> ultimately ultimately you know we'll we'll get some of these things under our belt and then we've loved the feedback <hes> if you want to provide comments as a listener <hes> we'd love to hear <hes> questions you know that you'd like to hear from these folks other suggestions of people we should talk to <hes> and that's what this when we call it a complementary series you you know we we want to show how creativity can complement enhancing human experience and so quite logistically this series of podcast. I will complement what you're already doing. Yeah regular show yeah exactly and so like we talked about. It is a series within a series. You can listen to <music> this. Lino on any of your favorite podcasts players including youtube as far as you know how to get their hands on it. You know you can always get your hands on on it at G. Mark Phillips Dot Com. I'll have a link somewhere on there whether it's a an image that links you to the playlist on Youtube or a podcast but also on social media and I'm an ask for your social social media to hear for listeners <hes> my social media of course is at G. Mark Phillips everywhere except facebook that is g Mark Phillips Fan. If an and of of course we'll be posting and sharing all these will be sharing clips on all those things so if you wanna find it. You'll capture it somewhere. What about you mark. Where can people find it <hes> in your network or circles yeah so I'll be posted on my website. Is Mark Hyphen Stinson Dot Com. My instagram is at brand innovator vader and <hes>. I have a facebook page. That's Mark Stinson author. Okay yeah so we find find it in any of those areas unlinked and I'll be posting and that's another place. I'll be hitting up with links because I think that's going to be a great platform as well. All the platforms are GonNa touch some unique sector yeah and and just hearing those overlaps I mean Lincoln is not facebook which is not instagram which is not a website so how <hes> you know an even how these these people <hes> use social media will be a part of the conversation you know if somebody has a professional <hes> website or <hes> whatever and then they all of a sudden have this side creative pursuit that they want to put their photography. They WANNA put their music on <hes>. How how how do they either manage that balance that hasn't been there right right and and somebody says oh well well. I knew you were a great advertising creative director but I really had no idea you were involved in this music or that. I could download your music or that. I could see your event calendar clubs. You're going to be playing at its now. We live in an amazing time right now. There's a lot of those barriers that we talked about. Our are are lower than they used to be in some cases nonexistent yeah. It's going to be tour exciting all right awesome. Well that gives you a sense of what to expect in this series series on creativity and want to thank you for joining us for this first episode launching the the the series were very excited. <hes> closing remarks Mark No. I'm looking forward to to sharing these ideas and <hes> I know these are people. I like to hang out with and I talked to you know on a regular basis. I think thank <hes> I think you're gonNA enjoy listening to him too. They have some great stories. I have a feeling I am too yeah all right. That's it thanks for joining us and stay tuned for four episode number. One of our creativity series coming up soon see you soon.

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