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But johnny gilded the runs that michael bevan's does but they took his runs out to put michael bit and i love michael bevan's rooted in like a i can go no michael bevan's has runs at the end yeah towards the end of was ricky so i'm sorry oh my bed rebound in its have missed an ready about the list rhyme they're not that words you put with michael bevan no no no no yes not yet no in and the thing is what i loved it was the combination because it it's like i think i loved rouse you know sweet falsetto with i i really feel like they've had kind of a divine guidance in their career because i think john they needed johnny to take them into adulthood they they needed that to transition so they didn't stay a boy bruton and it just it all worked yeah wasn't right do you use a little nathan sammadi video when conservative video came out i was like this is the problem or the me or the the universe problem like you see the problem in my and you know was great even seeing that that can you in that i and bet did so great because if you look 'cause i looked back as the videos is the exact same the in the low yes yeah and those young boys those young men the little boys the young men they all got a whole new appreciation below james shut out loop you're right right now back to tunis regina hanel yes i wanna know you know you talked about new addition in these young men are being taken advantage of what do you think because sometimes you hear hollywood actress zlenko girl i've been through so much a book in politics that we don't know is an audience what has kept you from you know you stayed nobody took advantage of like if you stay the course and nobody you know you don't you don't have those stories to tell what do you think made that possible um i i've had really good representation who have been um.

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