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Just not a not a great day for the Brewers that they lose by 12. Nothing score. Welcome back into brewers Externals here on Wtmj. I'm Matt Paulie. Craig Cash on from Valley Sports Wisconsin. He will join us momentarily, Uh, some text messages coming in Ray and Illinois a day like today just shows how important has been for the Brewers to build up the lead they have in the division. As for the pictures, I hope they can figure out a way to get some of these guys a little bit of extra rest before the postseason. Yeah, I don't That's it. I just don't know. I don't know if they need rest. I don't know if they but you still want them to stay sharp, like clearly Freddie Peralta, and he's the one where it's the biggest deal in terms of Indians pitch, being in an area where it's never been at before. Um so they get, you know they gave him some restaurant. The All Star break. They put them on the injured list when he had the shoulder issue probably left him there a little bit longer than He needed to stay there just to just to try to Get him. You know, back to where he needs to be and give that arm a little bit of rest. And, yeah, it's just it's something that a lot of teams are dealing with. But the Brewers having a relatively young Pitching staff when it comes to especially their their experience. Having lots of starts trying to be kind of 280 type pictures, those sort of things it's um It's just territory they've never been in before. And again. It's just you add that much more to it because you're coming off the 60 game season last year, So not only are these pictures going to an area in terms of Indians pitch that they've never been at before. They're also having the huge innings increase from last year to this year. And the Brewers are not the only team dealing with this. This is not just a brewer's issue, but that doesn't mean that you don't pay attention to what's going on Doug Texting in saying records don't matter anymore. This Phillies team is very close to the Brewers. Very nice lineup. To top starting pitchers that this could be a very tough first round series. Brewers would be a slight favorite. Of course, Braves Would it be a walk in the park, and the Big Three is slipping a little bit. I, uh I've talked about this a bit. I talked about this during the Cardinals series, and then the Brewers ended up taking two out of three. But let's be as verse you could even argue. Maybe the Brewers should have lost two of three in that series. The brewer. The Yesterday's win for the Brewers, is an all time unexpected, unlikely kind of win. So if they lose that game as it felt like they were going to, they would have lost two of three in this series and something I've talked about is these games not being yoked equally and what I'm saying in that is, when a game means a lot more for the other team, then it means for you and that is the that's the definition. Of this series, where the Phillies are fighting for their playoff lives, and the Brewers are just trying to get to the to the postseason is trying to finish out the regular season. So it's Yeah, it's You don't really know how these games are going to play out because the stakes are different, and I feel like any time the stakes are different for two teams in the same game. It just it's it's a little bit tougher. And you give the Brewers a ton of credit for not losing their edge during this period, where They They have not had as much to play for as their opponent. But at some point, I think games like this, and I think that first game against ST Louis, Those games tend to happen in a dynamic like this. 85561616 28 5561616 20. That's the accident. Mortgage talk and text line. You can tweet at me at Matt Polly on Air..

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