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All right it's a pleasure to have Michael Pillsbury with us the great but the one hundred year marathon how are you Sir thank you Marc are done I'll let doctor what's that doctor doctor for you yes thank you well yeah I could use a doctor about now not necessarily yeah that Canada I've got a bookmark well thank you you know it's a pleasure and one is you some questions I kind of think the president is pretty much playing it right with China agree or disagree agree and is there other other other things he might want to do or should he just sit back now and see how these tariffs and other things take hold hi I think he's got a menu of options ways to escalate the Chinese themselves use the word escalate today and in the story they have been quite a nasty sense the last three or four days so I think they're still listening to some of the Obama people including people who have been reassuring China this is All blush or the president is erratic and just what you know just wait for the democratic president from now I think they're misreading the president trump determination so I do think he's considering additional escalations steps you can take this and what additional first well two points what escalation could China taken in our economy is twice the size there is and then the next question is are Clinton and Obama people other than going on TV actually advising that government well I would say advising because that makes is a felony if save his visor foreign government for pay and if they don't register.

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