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I was going to be in business for the rest of my life. And after about two years in business. I looked at my boss, my boss's, boss, my boss's, boss's, boss and said, I don't want any of those jobs. What do I do? So I kind of went on that search like a lot of us. Do what where's my life point? Don't take it. So long story short. I started just trying different things to be a lawyer. And in the person, you could've been anything. Yeah. I mean, honestly, you're one of those people they could've been could've done anything lawyer. You know, my my parents to be a lawyer. So I was going to be a lawyer. I was in the Princeton, review course, looking at all these people that would be my colleagues on these not my people my people. So I to search my people at the time just coincidentally or maybe not I was doing job at the time here in San Diego in my class was a physician in a teaching physician at US. UCSD? They don't want to be a physician, that's it. So I started taking my Brexit UCSD due to go into western medicine, and I was talking with this physician, and she said, you know, east in that's funny that my name's eased her name. Get out of the west. Alternative to me? Is that a good thing about these? She says, why don't you go? Check out the school for acupuncture needles. There's no way absolutely no way. I'm going to. Overman person going into med school. That hates needles. You like I could have done it. I hate God. All today. Right. Club. To help kids though, you got all those things at one eighty but enough about my shorts. Help people. You know, I've always had a passion for people wanting to help. I thought medicine be the way to do it. And so two her recommendation. I went down to the school for acupuncture. I sat in on a lecture, and I was fortunate to sit in with the founder it was his class. Alex to berry was one of the founders of the school. And that was it was like literally that night. I went home. I said I found my people, and that's a good try. I went down the the next day. I said I want to apply. She's like, well we're starting on Monday. Like like, hey, isn't that funny? How wanted me there when you just finally lock onto something just all just seems to fall I'm waiting. I might Eisner when's your cake acupuncture. I've got a great, aromatherapy thing going ready. I think so so you took so how did it go from acupuncture, aromatherapy, then because there's another leap because the end of the story is she seated the thesis on merging the two together and the stones come into it. Yeah. That's still in that. I think I. I've always loved so all right. And so I always used aromatherapy in my treatment. So something I'd like to add to it. I always liked to remove therapy. In fact, some of my friends nickname, stinking not because I smelled that. Because I got always like I used to travel a lot in one of my jobs, and I would always put essential oils on my hands like the gas masks and airplanes can get all that's true. Just like smelly..

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