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Is that the case CVS editor's desk case CBS news time is two fifty one a member of the Berkeley city council has rejected an invitation to appear on Tucker Carlson show on fox news KCBS reporter Keith Menconi spoke with the bay area political analysts about the fraud politics of fox invitations it all started earlier this week when a vote by Berkeley city council to remove all gendered language from the city's code drew national attention longer fire man or policeman so firefighter police officer no man holes now it's a maintenance holes Berkeley city council member Rigel Robinson who cosponsored the ordinance says following the vote he received hate mail and an invitation to appear on fox news commentator Tucker Carlson show an invitation he turned down proudly and publicly I asked KCBS political analyst Larry Gersten the pros and cons politician supportive of liberal policies face when considering went to appear on fox news they have to make this decision do I really want to go to what they might consider the enemy territory but he says sometimes we need to take risks would you take risks to see if we can break down barriers and the and the less we're trying to do that the higher the Berrier seem to get councilmember Robinson tells KCBS he doesn't feel his views would have been given a fair hearing on Carlson show fox news objects to the decision by Robinson to make a private correspondence public keep Menconi KCBS time to talk food this early Sunday morning within our see David Jerusalem artichokes are showing up in the stores now and they're delicious we really love them at our house you know it's an interesting root vegetable first of all it has nothing to do with Jerusalem has nothing to do with artichoke it turns out that early settlers to America found them and thought they resembled the flavor of artichokes that as for the arctic chill comes from secondly the Latin name is generous soul turning to the sun it's kind of a wild sunflower native to North America by the way and so generous souls seems of gotten corrupted into Jerusalem well in recent years they've started calling them some chokes because people were really confused with I'm not sure that some choke his headache better the Jerusalem artichoke some loud sounds like it's something that's going to choke you well beyond that it's a a two burner grows underground like a potato the starch and it has a different impact on people who have died leaders because it has a low glycemic index and so in many instances it's used in place of potatoes frankly we really like and pickled wrong just take any recipe you have for bread and butter pickles wash and scrub the jays really carefully cut a manta nice size pieces put him in a jar and fill it with your vinegar solution to put in the refrigerator and let it sit for a couple of weeks there crying she just absolutely delicious as an accompaniment almost any kind of food now I see David Casey B. S. a coastal butterfly that is been endangered for decades is experiencing a growth in its population we get the story from Margaret Carrero with radio dot com news station K. an axe in Los Angeles while its numbers are still quite low more el Segundo blue butterflies you're showing up along the southern California coast that's thanks in large part to groups like the palace Verdes peninsula land Conservancy which has been restoring the habitat necessary for the butterfly to thrive we prepare site by you know removing the weeds and then we plant the host plant that the also going to be a better fight relies on the sea cliff buckwheat conservation director Chris Robbia says last year's plentiful rainfall didn't hurt that's helping to bring the the number of plants that are naturally occurring on the coast to fruition the el Segundo blue butterflies range stretches from palace Verdes to the bio no wetlands Margaret Carrero reporting it's back to school shopping Susan here's what's different this year I'm Jeff Cole the fortune magazine with inside business back to school as America's second largest.

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