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I'm Bob SIMS. Thank you for tuning in this morning. This rainy morning coming down the hill had a little bit of everything. Heavy heavy rain. And then later rain, heavy win a little bit of everything. So we're getting soaked. You'll go again restart to get a a little pattern going was stable weather. Especially for steelhead fisherman, and in the delta with with the clear waters are not clear, but at least better conditions than we've had we're about to see that go away. But. That's what it's all about. Right anyway, we will cover down in the delta today. I think it's going to be kind of baby steps thing. You know step step forward. However this week I did hear some encouraging news down in the delta and it had to do with sturgeon. It of obviously made a move. I think it was was it two weeks ago two weeks ago. There was a sturgeon derby down there, aren't they three hundred eighty four people caught Twenty-one keepers. It's not a very good average the week before that it started raining San Pablo bay got muddied up, but it got mostly muddied up from sonoma's creek in Petaluma creek and probably the Napa river, and it started fishing mud. Hit sturgeon fishing. Got a lot better a private skiffs are out there doing pretty doggone good that kind of leveled off. And then we have somebody water coming down the Sacramento river. And so we had the inbetween is very Cannavaro said last week he's down by the middle grounds. And the water was clear there than any place else on down below San Pablo smutty up above its muddy because of the water coming down the river, and there's kind of a waste of their with Clearwater. And now people at first people said, well, we're not marking any sturgeon on the sooner units. And then we started hearing people markan fish, and there's always those fish, very very deep water, which is can be very effective, but not as much fun fishing fifty to seventy five feet deep. You gotta use a pound of weight on a fishing. Rod is not exactly the most fun, but still can be an effective fishing method, which really fun is when they get into shallow water, you know, twenty feet fifteen feet or even less, but that hasn't that hadn't happened to any great extent. And it was just kind of hunt, and peck and hunt, and peck and then two days ago. I heard about how some sturgeon were rising down in in cash Lou right up from the Sacramento deep water channel that right by prospect, which is very well known sturgeon spot a lot of people fish there, but nobody had been fishing there. And these was one one oversize hooked up and loss, but fish were jumping so at least have some evidence the disturbing made a move, and they could be up in the liberty island area. They'll spread out from there. So as we go along we'll hear reports on that. I'm sure, but now we have to go you lightest creek to comes in down through Dixon, and boy that would not when it rains like this that is dressed or mud that comes in there. So here we go again. We'll just have to see how bad it gets. But like I say, it's a process best sturgeon fishing is usually March, and then we can have little highlights between now. And then and hopefully, they'll be more highlights than non highlights will just have to wait and see. And we also see what Barry after say. Just a few minutes. They had a great 'Croppy tournament last week at clear lake lake limited it to fifty boats it sold out in a week and a half when they announced it back in December. Now, they're going to have another. We're going to get the results of the that crop tournament and what they were using. And it was it was quite an event. And so they're going to have actually three more vents this spring on crappy. They're going to kind of spread it around the lake from different areas. So everybody can get involved and then the last one in probably late spring will be kind of like the tournament of champions of the three previous ones. So it's all catch and release. It's really sounds like everybody really bought into it. So anyway, we'll get a report there American river. You know, we keep saying that the the fishing is slowing down. But every time I check Fisher still being caught. It seems almost like it's on the same pace. As since a Reverend rivers been open on January first. And the fishing hasn't been great by any means, but wonders fish caught consistently. You gotta considered at least fair when you have a reasonable chance to go out and hook a steelhead in the American river. It's worth going, especially if you don't have to drive too far. So that was a case again this week some fish were caught. We're we're seeing a few downstream now. And even though they're heading back to the ocean. And are not as fat as worthy when there were before they spawned her fighters. There's just something about those diner stream downstream. They really fight though. You're gonna have some fun there. This is the kind of weather that fishermen at pyramid leg just love. And this is when they catch big cutthroat trout, and the people that catch most of them are the are the Bank fishermen. Yeah. You don't wanna be out in a boating pyramid. It's stormy but tell you you don't have to be because he's big fish follow the shelf around the lake and you can catch. We will definitely get a report there about what's going on. And I have to say, I know that's not for everybody. But you gotta realize the world record cutthroat was taken in pyramid lake. I think in nineteen twenty six. I can't swear to that. But I'm within. I think a couple of years forty one pounds. They've taken fish over twenty five pounds there in the last few years. A fourteen Pounder was caught yesterday. Those are monsters biggest biggest cutthroat trout in the world. And if you go up and do it, and you hook a fish. You're just feel elated that you were successful. So that's what's in store for your the trinity, not many fishermen. They're hard to get a good handle on things. However, a few fish are being caught up in the Smith and Chet go the Smith continues to kinda limp along Chet go. We had a great day yesterday Albert cut ski who going to have a report from landed five fish yesterday that is a good day. Plus, I think it was up to fifteen pounds and his average fish on the check good. This year has been a good solid. Good ten pounds and just a few miles away on the Smith. It's been a much smaller average that just shows you the difference of all these rivers and how the cycle with their runs a clear down the coast and point data. But we'll get a report there and on the you'll river doesn't look like there's going to be as much rain in the extreme northern portions like the Smith in the Czech. Oh as was predicted supposed to it was supposed to be a gully washer yesterday and Albert was out there in it. No fishing was fabulous. So most of the rain is going to skew south. So that will probably wipe out rivers like the eel in van Duzen in the mad river. So we'll get a repeat repeat there. We'll find out what's going on steelhead wise in the rogue river and also on the uncool river, which more and more people are going to go up by five it's the same distance as if you go up to grants pass on. Over to the Smith only, it's not quite as curvier road. So that's kind of interesting. We'll get an update on what's going on at bullard's bar Shifter's any sturgeon up river. Today's a junior waterfowl hunt today and tomorrow, we'll hear about that from Mike Roos CLYDE will join us. Scotland will join us and Don pagan nilly, we'll call it in seven o'clock hour, and we're trying to get on Folsom lake. It's tough to do because you know, the storms put it up a bunch of waters come up thirty feet and thirty days that doesn't always do the fishing. Good. And we're trying to pick don's brain to see what we have to do on Folsom leg to catch some bass in February all that and more coming up on a cave K outdoor show. Thanks for being here. Extremists live.

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